Efficio's Resource Augmentation enables you to overcome short-term capability deficiencies and turbo boost delivery.

Organisations frequently face short term or unexpected requirements that place additional strain on Procurement resources – Efficio helps bridge this gap through effective Resource Augmentation.

Common factors leading to resource shortages include:

  • ‘One-off’ major project procurements
  • Sudden crises or unexpected problems in particular categories, for which the required skills are lacking
  • Integration of a merged or acquired company’s Procurement function leading to increased short-term workload
  • New tools and processes temporarily reducing staff capability
  • Delay in replacement of key staff members

Often these situations occur when the corporate policy is averse to increasing permanent headcount. This is where Efficio can help.

How we help

Our support enables you to maintain and improve Procurement agility in the short term while working out longer term solutions. Our broad experience, tools and processes enable us to hit the ground running, delivering rapid results due to our superior processing power. 

We give you immediate access to our expertise across categories and sectors, as well as links to our extended network of capabilities such as analytics and market research. We provide this on a consultancy assignment basis, or increasingly by our Managed Procurement Service. Where appropriate, we provide interim management up to CPO level.

Our commitment is to outcomes, not inputs. We look at category issues and recommend an appropriate combination of solutions to both analytical and strategic requirements. We ensure that the knowledge and insight we gain is transferred to your Procurement team, and doesn’t just reside with a particular individual. We buy-in to the delivery of your business objectives.

Resource Augmentation can be a standalone service, but often it forms part of our deeper involvement in Strategic Sourcing, the introduction of target operating models (TOM), and other developments and investments.

Our experience

We have worked with clients such as Southern Water, Royal Sun Alliance, where we provided an interim CPO to oversee TOM and Strategic Sourcing initiatives, and HSBC, where we were able to augment their resources to accelerate the delivery of procurement improvement.

Contact us to find out how Efficio can help you

Contact us to find out how Efficio can help you

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