Despite the strong momentum coming out of the pandemic, manufacturers can be forgiven for looking at the current economic outlook and seeking short-term cost reductions. This is a justified response to a perfect storm of uncertainty created by volatile demand, talent shortages, inflation, and global supply bottlenecks.

We have more than 20 years’ experience supporting manufacturers facing labour shortages, volatile markets, commodity price fluctuations, and fragmented supply bases. We work to manage these situations in both the short and long term, ensuring that near-term gains are not won at a long-term cost but delivered on a platform from which the improvements will be sustained.

Partnering with you to build effective manufacturing procurement solutions 

Our global procurement expertise extends to all supply and consumption regions, with offices in 14 countries and growing. With an extensive internal knowledge-sharing network, our procurement and supply chain specialists draw upon more than two decades of project data to quickly recognise significant opportunities for improvement. 

Our proven approach is as readily adjustable to the needs of highly regulated and quality-sensitive industries as to those where service level and supply chain integration are key. Working alongside you from project conception through delivery, we provide strategic guidance and work with your team to embed the skills and processes crucial to transform procurement from regular category spending into a vital, value-creating function. And, as independent advisers, we work through internal politics and corporate silos, helping to bridge the gap between procurement and wider business functions. 

Spend and supply chain transparency are crucial in sectors where companies are often global and multi-site. We address both direct and indirect spend, as well as working capital optimisation, to develop an agile and proactive sourcing approach that addresses your internal stakeholders’ needs, operational constraints, and overall business objectives.  


Unlocking value in your supply chain  

By deploying more effective tools and technology, we drive deeper, real-time analytics that enable better decision-making and enhance your manufacturing procurement processes. Our digital platform not only supports our innovative contracting and tendering models but also gives visibility over your entire supply chain, supporting tracking of Scope 3 emissions and measurement of performance against ESG targets. Within this single platform, your team can manage and analyse spend, run eSourcing events, and maintain contract and supplier relationships.