As the go-to public sector procurement consultancy, we have over 20 years of specialist procurement and supply chain management experience over a broad range of projects.

By leveraging our digital capability, sophisticated operating model designs and advanced data analytics, we optimise supply chain logistics and commercial processes for organisations across the public sector. Taking a hands-on approach to projects, we partner with you to cut costs, reduce risk, and maintain these wins in the long term.

Our involvement in public sector procurement and supply chain projects extends from the NHS’s COVID-19 vaccine programme, through developing supply chain security for the Ministry of Defence, to Local Government procurement transformations and supporting the execution of Central Government procurement strategies.

A deep understanding of public sector-specific challenges and regulations underpins our work, including the UK’s new Procurement Act, in which our expertise and proven Strategic Supplier Relationship Management (SSRM) methodology will be vital to meet the new standards.

Despite facing significant challenges, public sector organisations must continue delivering uncompromising quality and effectiveness with minimal resources – the strength of their procurement and supply chain functions will make all the difference.

Our work with UK public sector bodies includes

Our sole focus is procurement and supply chain, and we have used our expertise in these areas to support the Ministry of Defence and its agencies across a wide range of projects.

These include supporting complex sourcing activities under DSPCR, designing and implementing new procurement operating models, improving resilience in the supply chain during a time when global supply chain networks are fracturing, developing compelling investment cases, and delivering training and upskilling on a range of relevant topics. 

Example clients include:

We support a range of Central Government departments across a broad spectrum of commercial activity, including strategic sourcing, tactical sourcing, contract management, procurement digitisation, procurement department transformation and operational procurement demand management. Our work covers the majority of procurement categories, such as outsourcing, facilities management, digital data and technology (DDaT) and professional services.

As part of our offering to Central Government clients, we use our hands-on delivery teams to facilitate grass-roots changes to existing ways of working through digitisation and process improvement.

Ministerial and non-ministerial central government departments are under pressure to do more with less. Our procurement expertise enables you to continue delivering value to the UK public while navigating increasing cost pressures, policy changes and approvals processes. 

Example clients include:

Our broad experience in the public sector and healthcare makes us best placed to support the NHS and other public health providers in addressing their procurement and supply chain challenges. We understand the cost pressures of the NHS and the need to continue delivering at pace against performance targets. Our recent experience includes supporting the COVID-19 response in multiple capacities, including the Vaccine Roll-Out, NHS Test and Trace and Vaccine Task Force while working locally at the trust and ICB level to identify and deliver efficiencies.

We work closely with AdviseInc, the healthcare spend analytics specialist, to help deliver sustainable transformation for NHS trust-based and ICS procurement teams.

Example clients include:

Over 50% of a Council’s budget is attributable to procurement. No other business function has a bigger impact on Council priorities. Our teams are passionate about the value procurement can deliver by working with external partners to address social value, improve resident outcomes, enable innovation, minimise risk and manage cost pressures.

Our procurement experts enable Councils to deliver improvement targets and efficiencies while transforming the role and impact of procurement within a Council.

Example clients include:

Thinking Differently

Efficio thinks differently from traditional consultancies: not just providing strategic guidance but working alongside you through delivery as a true procurement and supply chain partner. We add value to infrastructure and deploy more effective tools and technology to provide deeper analytics and enable better decision-making. Efficio’s digital procurement platform supports our innovative contracting and tendering models, giving you visibility over the entire supply chain and allowing you to optimise value across it.  An extensive internal knowledge-sharing network also enables us to utilise our accumulated experience to accelerate results on each new project we undertake.

Our priority is upskilling and developing public sector procurement professionals to ensure they continue demonstrating best practice long after we have gone.

Our fees are linked to objectives, offering a balance of risk with reward, and making it easier for public sector procurement professionals to choose an external consultant, resulting in better value for money.