Despite the perfect storm of an increasing number of infrastructure projects combined with rising operations and maintenance costs, regulators and customers have not eased pressures on Energy and Utility companies. 

Operators must continue to meet challenging efficiency, cost reduction, and compliance targets while striving to deliver their ESG goals.  Even with skills shortages in the labour market, critical maintenance and upgrades must be completed to improve operational, financial, and ESG performance and ensure that significant penalties are avoided, and vital incentive targets are reached. 


We partner with you to build robust energy and utilities procurement solutions 

Having worked with many Energy and Utility firms, we recognise that Procurement must be at the heart of driving value from operational and capital expenditure. We work alongside you to create value across the whole contract life cycle. From procurement strategy to contract and supplier relationship management, we encourage innovation and drive sustained cost, quality, and performance improvements.  

As dedicated procurement and supply chain specialists, we have the deep expertise, knowledge and tools to shift Procurement's focus from compliance to value creation, delivering benefits that extend throughout your organisation. Our experience in transforming procurement practices is readily transferable across companies and sectors, ensuring you benefit from rapid improvements while safely navigating the regulatory environment you operate within. 


Unlock the value in your supply chain 

By working alongside you as a true procurement partner, we go deeper to understand the root causes of inefficiency and build sustained performance improvement by creating long-lasting transformations of skills and supply chain processes. eFlow, our proprietary digital procurement platform, underpins our work with Energy and Utility companies by helping identify and prioritise the areas where Procurement will have maximum impact. This single platform will enable your team to manage and analyse spend, run eSourcing events, and manage contracts and supplier relationships.