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Corporate Social Responsibility 

Efficio’s work is to identify, deliver, and sustain opportunities in procurement and supply chain for our clients. We understand that this work in service of our clients impacts the wider world, and we take that responsibility seriously.

Corporate Social Responsibility at Efficio

At Efficio, we are committed to being socially responsible and recognise our opportunity to make a difference for our communities.

This is reflected by what the people who make Efficio are passionate about, undertaking a variety of social activities that help make Efficio somewhere where we are all proud to work.

Efficio's approach to CSR

We look for ways of minimising our impact on the environment
We support the communities where we live and work and contribute to charities that make a difference to people’s lives
We create and maintain a working environment that celebrates diversity and inclusion for all of our people to thrive
We make sure to always operate with the highest professional rigour


Our environment

We strongly believe that working side-by-side with our clients delivers the best results, and so we encourage our consultants to travel to client sites whenever appropriate. We acknowledge that our preferred way of working impacts the environment, and we are conscious of the steps needed to mitigate this impact.

To better understand our environmental impact, we have implemented tools to analyse our carbon footprint resulting from flight emissions. We aspire to extend this analysis to cover the impact of our direct and indirect energy and other indirect emissions. Summary reports on our environmental impact are shared and reviewed by our ESG and sustainability community of practice. We subsequently take practical action to mitigate our impact by purchasing carbon credits to offset our flight emissions. We are also continuing to raise internal awareness of our business impacts by leveraging company-wide communications and hosting external speakers.

Efficio’s London headquarters holds the BS EN ISO 14001 certification.

ISO 14001 is an internationally agreed standard that sets out the requirements for an environmental management system. It helps organisations improve their environmental performance through more efficient use of resources and waste reduction, gaining a competitive advantage and the trust of stakeholders.

It requires that an organisation considers all environmental issues relevant to its operations, such as air pollution, water and sewage, waste management, soil contamination, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and resource use and efficiency.

Our community

Many members of our global community are committed to charitable activity, and we encourage and support this expression of individual contribution to society. We also harness this spirit of humanitarianism by bringing together the skills and expertise of our consultants in collective endeavours.

  • Charity Committee
    Our Charity Committee allows Efficio employees to contribute to charitable causes on a company-wide scale. Our team regularly engage in events such as the Royal Parks Half Marathon and Macmillan’s, World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, breast cancer awareness and Movember. We also host our own fundraising events such as sushi making, ping pong tournaments, and wine tasting evenings, as well as participating in volunteering opportunities like assembling and distributing food in Hell's Kitchen, New York.
  • Pro bono projects
    We are proud of the community spirit of our consultants, who have tried to find ways of using their knowledge and insights for good causes. Our consultants support non-profit organisations with purchasing and supply chain challenges. Find out about our pro bono support for Malteser.
  • Women's Networks
    Our women in procurement network is a go-to network for women across the world who are working in procurement and supply chain. Find out more about our upcoming interactive workshops here.
  • Queer and Here - Pride Community

    We aim to engage, unify, and provide a safe space for Efficio's LGBTQIA+ colleagues around the world.

    As well as hosting regular moving nights, we recently spoke with award-winning author, podcaster, journalist, and activist Shon Faye, who happens to be a trans-woman. We discussed the intersection between womanhood, current political movements, and queerness. 

    This discussion prompted an increased collaboration with our insurance provider regarding some of the topics raised around supporting LGBTQ+ staff. This is the kind of tangible change that contributes to a more inclusive workplace for all, and we are very proud to be part of that journey.

  • Black Network

    Our Black Network's vision is to create a space where Black employees feel empowered and free to be themselves.
    By reinforcing an inclusive culture and prioritising racial equality, we aim to build a thriving community for Black employees to work, connect and flourish.
    Various activities are hosted by the Black Network, including professional development and mentorship, social and networking events, external speakers and panel discussions with senior leadership.
  • South East & East Asian Communities

    We’re a growing community with big ambitions! 
    We aim to get to know more colleagues who share similar cultures, backgrounds, and interests and create a network of peers who can help and advise each other on career development and opportunities. 
    We also seek to support the business's expansion into the East / Southeast Asian market, promote inclusivity and equality within the company and beyond and, of course, have fun!


Armed forces covenant

Efficio recognises the value that actively serving personnel, reservists, veterans, and military families brings to society and our business. To demonstrate our support, we have signed the Armed Forces Covenant, an agreement highlighting a commitment to help members of the Armed Forces community, including the pledge to support the employment of veterans and their families.

Professional rigour

Efficio are procurement experts and proud of the impact of our fact-based, professional approach in all that we do. We know that delivering long-term, sustainable results requires us to be insightful, fair, and innovative in all our programmes. We repeatedly demonstrate the value of a detailed, fact-based approach to suppliers and their supply chain – to reduce waste and costs, while rewarding innovation and identifying the best sourcing partners. 

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Diverse perspectives and experiences are vital for solving the increasingly complex challenges of today. We are committed to embedding diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our business – from within our workplace to the work we do for our clients.

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