Life at Efficio

At Efficio you will find a friendly, down-to-earth and relaxed culture. We are non-hierarchical and operate an open-door policy to ensure everyone feels welcome and at ease.

We place an emphasis on teamwork, collaborating with each other on and across projects. Our culture is merit-based and our people are passionate about working at Efficio. We work hard but we also like to celebrate our successes together as a company.

Social activities

With over 40 nationalities, there is a real community feel. We believe happy people are productive people, so we run a number of fun events and activities. You could get the chance to enjoy wine tastings, boat parties, 5-a-side football, half marathons and more.

Fridays at the office

As our client work may take you away from the office during the week, we make great efforts to bring you back to base on Fridays. This is the day you can attend formal training courses, get involved in firm-building activities, and catch up with colleagues from other projects and the rest of the business.

End-of-month meetings

Once a month, the company gets together for a month-end update and social event, so you can catch up on company news, discuss recent project developments and have some fun.

Recognising excellence awards

At Efficio we like to reward excellence in our employees. Our bi-annual peer-nominated awards celebrate the contribution individuals have made to Efficio, and our clients, by recognising exceptional work within the following four categories: product development, innovation/drive, impactful work, and an all round great working attitude.


CSR at Efficio

Efficio’s work is to identify, deliver and sustain opportunities in procurement for our clients. We understand that our work in service of our clients will also have an impact on the wider world and we take that responsibility seriously. We approach this by ensuring that what we do is sustainable across our direct environmental impact, our communities, our clients and our people. As with any endeavour, we recognise that we are on a journey in this commitment, expanding our awareness and delivering improvements in an iterative way. Our commitment is to be a socially responsible company. We want to make a difference both for clients and our wider communities. Why? Because it reflects what we are passionate about and ultimately, our activities help to make Efficio somewhere where we are all proud to work. To find out more about our approach to CSR, click here

Company parties

We like a good party! We throw two big parties a year – a summer overnight party incorporating a company meeting and team-building activities, and our annual Christmas party. These occasions recognise not only our hard work, but also the support that our spouses and partners give us.

The most interesting thing about my role is the diversity. I can be doing very different things on different days.

Simon Whatson, Vice President, Efficio

This is who we are

This is who we are

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Life at Efficio: Parenting as a Principal

Life at Efficio: Parenting as a Principal

Jennifer Karger, Principal and mother to a 15-month-old daughter, shares her experience of pregnancy and parenthood whilst working at Efficio.

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