Life at Efficio

At Efficio, you will find a friendly, down-to-earth and relaxed culture. We are non-hierarchical and operate an open-door policy to ensure everyone feels welcome and at ease. 

We emphasise teamwork, collaborating with each other on and across projects, regardless of geographic location. Our culture is merit-based, and our people are passionate about working at Efficio. We work hard, but we also like to celebrate our successes together as a company.

Social activities

With over 40 nationalities, there is a real community feel. We believe happy people are productive people, so you will find a varied and growing array of sports and interest groups. We also enjoy socialising together so our teams across the globe organise fun events and activities ranging from bowling and boat parties to half marathons and more. 


In-office collaboration

As our client work may take you away from the office during the week, we make great efforts to bring you back to base. Giving you the opportunity to attend formal in-person training courses, get involved in firm-building activities, and catch up with colleagues from other projects and the rest of the business. 

Once a month, the company gets together for a month-end update and social event, so you can catch up on company news, discuss recent project developments and have some fun. We do this across our regional offices and hold periodic international meetups.

Recognising excellence awards

At Efficio, we like to reward excellence in our employees. Our bi-annual peer-nominated awards celebrate the contribution of individuals to Efficio and our clients by recognising exceptional work within the following four categories: product development, innovation/drive, impactful work, and an all-round great working attitude.