In these times of geopolitical uncertainty, a proactive supply chain is no longer a choice. It’s a necessity. Supply chains aren’t as long or stable as they used to be, which means businesses must continually evolve and adapt.

From strategic insight to final execution, we help you mitigate risk and deliver sustainable improvement opportunities. Unlike other procurement businesses, we aren’t just consultants who advise on strategy. We’re also expert practitioners, who’ll partner with you to implement change and deliver tangible results.

Today’s key challenges

Supply chain planning

There’s no single solution for tackling challenges in today’s multi-tiered supply chains. Holistic planning is vital for creating cost-effective operations, developing transparency across the supplier base, and enabling intelligent demand forecasting.

Reliable logistics

From rising freight costs to climate change and global bottlenecks, today’s businesses face multiple challenges. So how do you manage risks from long and complex supply chains while also meeting customer expectations?

Embedded risk management

The volatility of the global economy is bringing more and more disruption. Yet the scope and scale of modern supply chains is preventing businesses from addressing their supply chain risks.

Supply chain adaptions

Many components of the supply chain, once taken for granted, now carry far greater risk or are no longer viable. Adapting to this new reality is crucial for businesses building or planning new supply chains.

How we can help

We reduce supply chain costs and improve your revenue, service level and cash position by defining and executing pragmatic programmes that cover the end-to-end supply chain, leveraging our over 20 years of global experience across all industries.

We optimise your supply chain network for service delivery and costs by improving the distribution set-up, reducing customer lead times, and eliminating unnecessary transport routes & redundant warehousing.

We support your top-line growth by reducing lost sales and keeping operational costs to a minimum through improved business planning processes, enhanced collaboration in multifunctional teams and the development of a consensus plan for delivery.

We manage your distribution risks and reduce transport costs by leveraging our extensive market knowledge and procurement expertise to find the best fit-for-purpose transport partners or solutions that optimise your shipping effectiveness.

We establish your optimum inventory levels to release cash back to your business and improve customer service with fewer stock-outs.

We reduce your operational costs by optimising warehouse layout and productivity and eliminating unnecessary steps in the receiving, picking and shipping process.

We strengthen the resilience of your supply chain by identifying risks and bottlenecks and building the capability to absorb shocks and avoid large cost increases.

We enhance your supply chain visibility while establishing a democratic performance view across your business, comparing market benchmarks, identifying pain points and developing remedying tools for immediate issues.

Helping you build a future-ready supply chain

Armed with practical insights garnered from our years of experience around the world, our global team brings a detailed knowledge of suppliers and supply chain dynamics globally to help you assess, identify, and map risks. Our digital platform and CarbonCube® also help you gain full supply chain transparency, effectively calculate supply chain emissions, set targets, and monitor supplier performance.

For us, this isn’t a one-off process. As risks are constantly changing, building a resilient supply chain has to be an ongoing evolution. Equipped with more than 22 years of data, we have the tech, tools and insights to help you update processes, change cost structures, and track supply chains against ESG benchmarks.

Once new ways of working and robust processes are in place, we’ll make sure you can prepare for and pre-empt risks – enabling you to take the right action at the right time.

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Looking at the world through a sustainability lens not only helps us future-proof our supply chain but also fuels innovation and drives growth.
Paul Polman, Unilever, Nestle, P&G

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