Tackling some of the world’s largest construction and infrastructure challenges and most challenging Giga projects has pushed procurement and supply chain operations to new levels of standards and expectations.

Now more than ever, delivering a project or programme successfully requires setting precise construction procurement strategies from the outset by outlining targets for cost efficiency, risk management, superior supplier performance, and accurate cost control – all without neglecting ESG and regulatory requirements, as well as regional requirements, such as local content. 

Working on construction Giga projects in the Middle East and major infrastructure projects across Europe, we have helped our partners to define appropriate delivery models, optimise procurement processes, and enhance end-to-end supply chain performance, whilst navigating pressures such as rising costs, supply chain instability, and labour shortages, by, building teams, through tendering and negotiation to post-contract supplier performance management, commercial management, and cost control. 


Partnering with you to build long-term construction and infrastructure procurement solutions

We work alongside you as true partners, embedding ourselves in your team to gain a full understanding of your business and goals. We guide you through competitive tendering and negotiations while quickly bringing your teams up to speed on these processes to build lasting value for your business. Our extensive industry knowledge also ensures you can successfully navigate any regulatory environments in which you operate.  

Construction and infrastructure projects are increasingly partnering with us to access long-term procurement solutions as a managed service, gaining access to flexible resources and specialist category expertise as and when they need it. 

eFlow, our proprietary digital procurement and post-contract management platform, provides deeper visibility into forecasted spending by breaking down investment plans to the second and third tiers of the supply base. Armed with this visibility, Procurement can provide a detailed programme of works to suppliers in return for more defined pricing – crucial in times of rapidly rising inflation.  

Unlocking value in your supply chain 

Our range of clients spans both commissioning asset management companies and construction delivery organisations across a wide range of infrastructures: Rail, Road, Mass Transit, Port Logistics, Water and Sewerage, Electricity and Gas distribution, and Oil & Gas. We have helped clients procure and implement more than £100 billion of capital investment in the last six years. 

To take the lead in the construction and infrastructure sectors, businesses must run complex capital investment programmes that rely on smart procurement to unlock value in the supply chain – from the initial delivery partner/EPC tender selection to post-award supply chain management.