The Construction and Infrastructure sectors face a constant pressure from regulators and investors to innovate in the way they plan, design, procure and construct.

Setting the right procurement and contracting strategy from the outset is crucial for a project or program's successful delivery - in terms of cost efficiency, superior supplier performance, sustainability and accurate cost control.

Efficio provides support in all aspects of procurement and supply chain operations - from initial strategy definition, through tendering and negotiation, onto post-contract supplier performance management and commercial management and cost control. We have helped clients procure and implement more than $43.6 billion of capital investment over the last six years.

Our clients span both the commissioning asset management companies and the construction delivery organizations across a wide range of infrastructure: Rail, Road, Mass Transit, Port Logistics, Water and Sewerage, Electricity and Gas distribution, and Oil and Gas.

Adding value

Efficio is an innovator. We believe that we add more value to infrastructure than traditional cost consultancies because we think differently, deploy better tools and technology, and have no conflict of interest in our business model. Our goal is to drive and sustain the maximum performance from a client's supply chain, deploying innovative contracting and tendering models, supported by cutting-edge procurement and post-contract cost management technology.

Supply chain optimization

Our market leading infrastructure clients run significant and complex capital investment programs, which require smart procurement to unlock the supply chain value - not just in the initial Delivery Partner / EPC tender selection but in the post-award supply chain management. The challenge here lies in bringing greater visibility into forecasted spends by breaking down investment plans to the second and third tier of the supply base. Armed with such visibility, Procurement can provide a much more detailed program of work; to the suppliers, in return for more defined pricing; and negotiate favorable pricing at Tier 2 and 3 of the supply chain. We bring the systems and experience to manage this complexity.

An approach that delivers

Efficio's developed range of strategies, models and systems help clients optimize all aspects of their supply chain. Our procurement and contracting strategies typically deliver 10 - 20% savings vs the initial budget. When we work with clients post-contract to optimize the new supply chain we typically deliver a further 10% of additional value. Most importantly, we increase supplier performance and reduce project and program risk. Our multiple industry awards and enduring long-term client relationships attest to this.