Sectors as fiercely competitive as Food, Retail, and Hospitality demand the best customer experiences to maintain a foothold, often on slim margins that have been cut thinner in recent years by severe cost pressures and weakening demand.

In addition to these challenges, businesses must meet growing expectations to deliver on ESG targets. We take a holistic approach to our sourcing strategies, ensuring neither goal is mutually exclusive. By challenging demand, optimizing contract specifications, and shifting procurement's focus from absolute cost to total value, we deliver results that both reduce costs and increase procurement sustainability.


Long-term procurement solutions for food, retail, and hospitality

Our proven retail, food, and hospitality procurement and supply chain expertise delivers both supply- and demand-side sourcing improvements. We achieve this on the demand side by combining our data-driven procurement approach with product profitability analysis and knowledge of  consumer behaviors. On the supply side, we use our experience to guide you in forming more collaborative relationships with suppliers that help mitigate risk – crucial in the current business climate for reducing inventory shortages, improving traceability, and meeting sustainability targets. Throughout the process, we build seamless integration between your procurement and commercial functions. 


Harness your data

Businesses in these fast-moving categories must embrace modern technologies to help them innovate and stay one step ahead of the competition. Our expert specialists enable you to harness your data to improve forecasting, minimize waste, and increase your spend visibility. This approach is supported by eFlow, our digital procurement platform that quickly turns low-level ERP data into core information for RFPs: a vital step for industries that require dynamic action to take advantage of demand, supply, or commodity movements.