Is your business best positioned to manage a merger, acquisition, or carve out?

However, identifying and quantifying actionable savings – and delivering on them – is complex and, all too often, these savings do not materialise post-deal, and that’s typically due to poor procurement execution. Efficio consultants are experts in sourcing execution, data analytics, valuation, and risk assessment, and our Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) services can help enhance value and reduce risk for both buyer and seller.

Through our experience working with some of the world’s leading private equity houses and corporations, we have developed a broad range of services, tools, and content to equip you throughout your merger or acquisition journey. We can help you derive the best possible pre-deal savings estimate and effectively execute the post-deal improvements.

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Procurement due diligence

Efficio supports clients during the due diligence phase of a deal to assess the procurement savings potential and post deal implementation plan at a target acquisition

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Carve out support

We support businesses that are going through a change of structure or ownership to ensure that they maximise their supply chain opportunities

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Post-merger integration

We work closely with you pre and post closing to identify and mitigate risks and improve your procurement function by offering a range of services, including clean room assessments and synergy implementation programmes

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