Efficio women’s network


Since its inception in 2017, the Efficio women’s network (EWN) has grown significantly and is a core pillar of life at Efficio.  The EWN seeks to support the employment and retention of colleagues that identify as women by creating a welcoming, safe, and inclusive environment in which they can discuss and receive support on the issues most pertinent to them.  

The Efficio Women’s Network holds global and regional events throughout the year, organised by the committees in each of our international offices.  These events vary in size and scale and are generally focussed on themes such as networking, skills building, and health and wellbeing.  While recognising the need for safe spaces for our colleagues that identify as women to discuss topics that matter to them, the Efficio Women’s Network also holds events that are open to everyone, to encourage open discussion about gender issues.  

The Efficio Women’s Network’s most recent events include: 

  • Q&As with celebrity speakers
  • Panel events with our women in leadership
  • Breakfasts with topical discussions
  • Networking picnics in the park
  • Informal socials
  • Personal development workshops facilitated by external coaches
  • Yoga classes
  • Book clubs
  • Boxing classes
  • Charity fundraisers for Breast Cancer Awareness

The Efficio Women’s Network runs a series of additional initiatives, including a women’s mentorship programme, to ensure all members of our team feel included, safe, and supported from the moment they join us.