The highly regulated Financial Services sector is under constant competitive pressure. Large, diversified organizations face challenges from smaller, more specialized and niche players, while the latter face their own issues in coping with rapid expansion.

Efficio assists both types of company with their procurement challenges. We work with large, multi-national banks such as HSBC and Lloyds as well as smaller companies including Close Brothers and TMF Group.

Efficio offers his services to improve procurement in the financial services industry, delivering an impact on cost base that is both immediate and sustainable, while effectively managing risks such as security and customer data protection. Our clients often need help to control not only legacy costs but also ‘cost to achieve transformation’ spend, for example the costs of separating retail and investment operations.

Efficio devises and executes pragmatic, customized cost management strategies, with an emphasis both on rapid and sustainable delivery - but, as importantly, the improvement of the client team's capability.

Analyze, develop, execute

We strive to be innovative in our approach, creating granular visibility of your cost/spend base before using analytics to develop the most appropriate routes forward. The firm uses leading edge commercial and contracting models, often incorporating relevant experience from other sectors and categories, and our focus is always on total cost of ownership rather than initial purchase price. It is crucial that the P&L impact is sustainably realized hence we ensure that benefits are tracked and managed.

We gain buy-in to our recommendations because we establish and work with facts and data to create and test pragmatic solutions. These are executed through an appropriate blend of onsite, offsite and offshore resources. 

Proprietary technology

Our technology platform – eFlow – supports the entire procurement lifecycle. The Financial Services sector has significant restrictions on the storage and movement of data, so eFlow has been optimized to be hosted on client servers, if necessary.

Within FS there is a huge amount of data being captured with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other finance-based systems that is not being analyzed. Our visualization platform allows our consultants and clients to quickly gain insight from big data, leading to new opportunities to deliver value.


Efficio has successfully applied this approach with financial services companies from small niche to large-scale, and at levels from specifically tailored support to large turnkey solutions. Typically an ROI of over six is normal.

We build long-term relationships with clients, usually under fee arrangements, but we also aim to leave the skills, strategies and technologies to ensure that the benefits are sustained and carried further.