As inflationary pressures such as energy, transport, and labor drive up costs, they also raise the need for strategic supplier management to meet these cost challenges and achieve faster drug-to-market launch times; without slipping on regulatory and ESG requirements.

Consolidation trends in private healthcare – from clinics to eyecare, fertility, and rehabilitation to name a few – also raise post-merger integration challenges where Procurement can have a significant impact. 

As global procurement and supply chain experts, we understand these pressures, utilizing our skills, knowledge, and technology to help you build an effective global supply chain and manage evolving procurement demands. 


Your partners in progress 

Our specialist focus has been key to solving procurement and supply chain challenges for numerous international companies across pharmaceutical, CDMO, biotechnology, diagnostics, distribution, and healthcare provision. By working alongside your teams, we offer unrivaled support, getting under the skin of each company’s challenges to identify and deliver improved processes and bottom-line results.  

Underpinning our work is our proprietary procurement and contract management technology that supports innovative contracting and tendering models by giving you visibility over your entire supply chain. These data-driven insights allow you to optimize the value creation for your business and ensure you and your suppliers meet ESG, health equity, and supplier diversity requirements. 

This unique approach enables you to address pharma and healthcare procurement capability priorities in direct and indirect expenditure at every point – from R&D to logistics and service delivery. We work closely with you to understand your business and help you deliver against ever-tighter regulation, extended development and approval cycles, ethical demands, and cost optimization targets.  


Supplier Relationship Management 

Our digital platform provides a deeper understanding of your supply chain by increasing supplier transparency, allowing you to confidently forecast demand and production requirements, knowing you won't be left short by an otherwise invisible supply issue further up the chain. As the resilience of your supply chain lies in the strength of your suppliers, we also provide guidance on where to invest in improving the capabilities of your external partners to secure your business.