It is vital that pharmaceutical and healthcare companies have an efficient global supply chain with strategically managed external partners if they are to meet increasing cost challenges and the need for faster speed to market.

Larger, and older populations are placing increasing pressure on healthcare companies to deliver 'more for less', while ever-tighter regulation, longer development and approval cycles, 'ethical' demands, and the growing acceptability of 'generic' drugs all challenge profitability.

Efficio works with mid-size and large international healthcare companies in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Diagnostics and Distribution sectors. Our clients, which include Ipsen, Galderma, Astra Zeneca and Amgen, have an urgent need to address procurement capability in both direct and indirect expenditure, at every point from R&D to logistics and delivery. The strongest players are notable for their willingness to invest in improving the capabilities of their external partners.

Innovative approach

Efficio delivers results. Our expert teams produce rapid bottom line benefits while working closely with business stakeholders to ensure that all decisions are fully aligned with business objectives.

We deploy our proven procurement methodologies and underpin them with proprietary eFlow technologies appropriate to the client. Our wide range of improvement levers including specifications review, demand management and process improvements in addition to traditional sourcing techniques and strategies, typically deliver 10-15% in cost benefits to clients.

Sustainable results

Expert market knowledge combined with strong change management skills are critical qualities to succeed in this fast paced, demanding industry. Our consultants work with client teams to ensure the solutions are sustainable and become embedded in the business culture.

Efficio's flexible client relationships are testament to the improvements we deliver. We have established long-term managed service engagements with many healthcare clients, while focused consultancy and shorter-term resource augmentation are also common. Our strength in cross-border and international projects is of particular relevance in the Healthcare sector, where multi-country operation is typical.

The patience and availability of the Efficio team was a key factor in the success of the project. Their approach, and the new approaches and ideas they introduced (such as long-term commitments, a new pricing tool, and more) helped us achieve significant savings and streamline our purchasing systems.

Claude Alziar, Director of Purchasing at Arkopharma