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Private equity


Procurement can unlock cost reductions and operational efficiencies for private equity owners by optimizing third-party spend, typically 30-60% of revenue. As the world’s largest procurement and supply chain consultancy, Efficio has an unrivaled track record of delivering significant operational, EBITDA, and working capital benefits in private equity assets.

We support our PE clients both at a portfolio level and across the full transaction cycle: from pre-deal due diligence to post-acquisition value creation and exit support. Equipped with our consultants’ expertise, hands-on approach, and our proprietary procurement technology and knowledge platform, eFlow, we have so far delivered results for over 50 different private equity funds across North America and Europe.


Rapidly quantify your value creation potential across CapEx, OpEx, and working capital, prioritizing opportunity into a deliverable plan.

Our experience across more than 100 Opportunity Assessments a year establishes a robust plan, built on the potential, your current position, and the key success factors to establish Procurement. Procurement value delivery plans are management-friendly, unlocking strategic change without significant people or customer impacts.

Due Diligence during M&A and carve-outs is a growing priority, both to quantify value creation potential and size critical supply chain risks. We support companies throughout pre-closing clean room assessments, as well as preparation for and execution of contract separations and PMIs.

Opportunity assessment


Make the plan a reality with hands-on expert support from strategy to implementation.

Deliver the identified savings by revamping your operating model, strategically sourcing priority spend categories, and boosting your procurement teams’ skills base.

Navigate strategic change across supply chain optimization, securing supply, establishing partners for growth, and accelerating value delivery.

Use our team to embed best practice, handle suppliers and negotiations, and accelerate value delivery throughout implementation. Minimize investment from adjacent functions by leveraging our content and expertise, and pragmatic delivery approach.

Procurement transformation


Sustaining a procurement transformation is challenging.

We transfer best practice knowledge to internal teams and provide continued support on spend, suppliers, and sourcing opportunities via access to a purpose-built technology platform – so procurement functions can continue delivering excellence.

Embedding key success factors in delivery sets up the team for success. For funds we partner with, we have seen ongoing outperformance of procurement from teams we support over a three-year horizon. 

Alternatively, our long-term partnership model sustains the results with ongoing Efficio support – from flexible strategic event support to full-scale sourcing as a service.

Sourcing as a service

eFlow platform

Manage and optimize procurement performance without extra overhead using our purpose-built digital eFlow platform.

Identify saving opportunities and track savings, take advantage of our vast database of best practice content and benchmarks, and upskill teams with in-platform training.

Continuous drive

True value delivery is in sustained improvement.

Negotiate and implement cross-portfolio deals by leveraging our benchmarks. Track performance and demand strong results from your CPOs. Prepare portfolio companies for the next milestone – whether that be exits, future investments, or M&A activities.


Build innovative procurement communities within your portfolio. Seed the knowledge base of our Procurement Experts into your community via CPO forums, sponsor check-ins, and executive coaching. 

Spark action with benchmark access & connections to suppliers across the portfolio, helping your CPOs deliver more value, faster. 

Finance Alignment

The CFO-CPO relationship is key to managing costs across your assets. 

Align tracking and measurement methods to capture the P&L and cash impact of your procurement transformation. Equip your CFOs to continue procurement cost takeout through the budget cycles.

How we help


Through our experience working with some of the world’s leading private equity houses and corporations, we have developed a broad range of services, tools, and content to equip you throughout your merger or acquisition journey.

We can help you derive the best possible pre-deal savings estimate and effectively execute the post-deal improvements.

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