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eFlow is a procurement software that goes way beyond traditional strategic sourcing to upskill and empower your entire organisation. Combining powerful technology with the expertise of the world’s largest procurement service provider, it will guide you to better decisions across the procurement lifecycle.

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Through automated analytics, eFlow’s technology is able to cross-check supplier data against a huge pool of industry reference data, highlighting where efficiencies can be made and proactively responding to past scenarios to drive continuous improvements and cost savings.

Our expertise, gained from over 20 years as procurement practitioners, has been baked into eFlow from day one. Our team of over 300 experts understand the unique challenges that face the industry today. If you have a challenge, you can be sure our subject matter experts can offer you the category-specific insights you need.

A responsive tool for our times

In increasingly uncertain times, supply chains have never been more vital, visible, or challenged. Increased geopolitical and other risks, rapid fluctuations in demand and the need for greater flexibility are the new normal for many organisations. eFlow’s in-built intelligence gives you the responsiveness you need to be able to adapt to rapid market changes and meet future risks.

  • Shift your procurement pipeline from reactive to proactive
  • Identify and manage supplier performance with ease
  • Drive continuous improvements and create repeatable success
  • Benefit from built-in guidance and insights for each decision and step in the process
  • Generate suitable supplier candidate lists with our extensive category knowledge
  • Issue complex RFPs based on templates and past examples
  • Create negotiation decks at the touch of a button
  • Automate time-consuming manual tasks and release your team's strategic value
  • Keep on top of your entire procurement operation through one, easy-to-use procurement platform
  • Track, monitor and report on savings, ensuring they reach your bottom line
  • Access information and reports when you need them
  • Receive at-a-glance updates on each project in your pipeline via the CPO dashboard

How eFlow works

eFlow applies a three-step process that helps you identify opportunities, deliver efficiencies and sustain cost savings. Each stage is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and can be customised to your specific needs.

Spend Analytics

Take the first steps towards being proactive by understanding your spend and linking it to all eFlow datapoints

Opportunity Identification

Quickly see where you could deliver more value with insights built on eFlow's data engine

Initiative Management

Get a single source of truth across your entire initiative portfolio and a platform to manage all the day-to-day activities.


Access to our best pricing templates, or quickly build your own, and consolidate bids effortlessly.

Bid Analytics

Save time and unlock analytics options you may never have considered before with our analytics engine.

Category Guides

Build your own knowledge repository. Start with our deep category expertise and add in your own category knowledge.

Contract Management

Manage all contracts in one place, with a reliable expiry pipeline and renewal notifications to help you stay on top of your contracts.

Supplier Performance

Ensure suppliers are delivering value for money and bring clarity on risk to enable effective decision making.

Supplier Onboarding

Onboard suppliers to your business and involve the right teams to triage potential risks.

Benefit Tracking

Monitor how new contracts are implemented and identify blockers to maximise benefits delivered.

eFlow in numbers

eFlow is our digital platform containing the knowledge Efficio has accrued as a leading global procurement consultancy and is powered by:


deep client engagements


supplier interactions


sourcing events

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