Developing countries often find their economic potential is undermined by public and private procurement expenditures flowing out of the country to foreign companies.

Given this, several countries the Middle East have developed localisation programmes which aim to improve economic prosperity through avenues such as investments into the economy, increasing jobs and wealth for the local workforce, growing local manufacturing capability and capacity, increasing economic sustainability and political stability.

Local content requirements

Local Content/In Country Value are vital for optimising the region’s economic potential. We have worked with public and private sector organisations across the GCC to define strategies and operating models that embed Local Content/In Country Value within procurement practices and supply chain. 

We have developed a holistic In-Country Value (ICV) Centre of Excellence that goes beyond auditing ICV performance to take clients on an ICV development journey that achieves maximum benefits. We have worked with several ministries and organisations in the region and around the globe to design and deliver their Local Content Development programmes. 

Our global strategic sourcing experience and extensive local vendor database allow us to identify opportunities for local sourcing, Emiratization, workforce development, and broader capacity building in the supply chain.

We provide end-to-end support from strategy and planning to regulatory-compliant execution, all underpinned by advanced data analytics and reporting through our digital platform, eFlow. 


The first phase aims to identify the country’s or company’s current level of localisation through:

  • Supply chain analysis (baselining). 

  • Identifying key areas of future demand as well as opportunities for increasing localisation (demand analysis and opportunity identification). 

  • Setting the localisation strategies and approaches for key opportunities.


The localisation strategy is then efficiently implemented through: 

  • Embedding local content requirements into national procurement policies, Target Operating Models, procurement strategies, sourcing processes and supply agreements. 

  • Growing the existing local supply chains through targeted supplier development programmes.  

  • Identifying and attracting potential foreign investors and strategic supply partners through robust investor value propositions and investment support.


The final phase focuses on securing and measuring the long-term benefit of localisation efforts. It includes managing the cultural and process change in organisations to embed new requirements while measuring and managing the impact of localisation through our interactive, digital Local Content Reporting System.

Our local content experience

We have designed and implemented several local content programmes for major organisations across the Middle East and Africa, including key players of the local content ecosystem in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  

Our projects are advised and delivered by our Local Content Centre of Excellence, and our services are underpinned by our eFlow technology platform, which enables more flexible analysis of supply chain data, demand planning and automated reporting of local content performance through a dynamic Local Content Reporting System.