Strategic sourcing is a vital practice to optimise procurement processes and secure long-term success. Our strategic sourcing service provides a rigorous and disciplined process for category and commodity organisation which drives cost savings and improves supplier service.

Cost reduction programmes need an organisation-wide, strategic sourcing focus to be successful and to deliver long-term value. Restrictions to this process can arise from a variety of factors, such as procurement being fragmented across businesses, operations, and locations; immature procurement functions in terms of the development of its staff and processes; and M&A activity that has not been properly integrated in terms of procurement. This often results in a lack of a unified approach.

Additionally, procurement is often seen as a purely transactional function, with little engagement with the business and its main stakeholders. This leads to limited opportunities for collaboration and integration.

Strategic sourcing support

Our strategic sourcing service addresses these issues – either on its own or as an integral part of our procurement excellence partnership and procurement transformation programme. 

We deploy a structured methodology supported by our digital platform, eFlow, establishing category cost baselines, identifying the total cost breakdown, and analysing the relevant supplier markets. From this, we recommend appropriate strategies for the category. 

Our team draws on its extensive category experience to shape RFP (Request for Proposals) documentation, tender contracts and the approaches and commercial models they embody. We look at the appropriate methodologies for assessing quotations and tenders, the negotiation strategies employed, and the tools and materials required to support these. 

We will draw up implementation plans for new strategies to ensure your success. Our broad category and sector knowledge provides the foundation for all sourcing strategies. These use appropriate advanced techniques and levers suitable for direct and indirect spend, including: 

  • Design-to-cost 
  • Specification optimisation 
  • Demand management 
  • Low-cost country sourcing 
  • Outsourcing

Delivering measurable savings

Strategic sourcing is a critical process for organisations seeking to optimise their procurement and supply chain operations. By employing strategic sourcing practices, businesses can unlock a plethora of benefits that positively affect their bottom line and overall performance. Efficio's structured approach to strategic sourcing delivers measurable savings traceable through to the bottom line. Because we emphasise the total cost of ownership over mere supplier price, these savings are real, sustainable and complementary to achieving the desired quality and service level. 

Our strategic sourcing services improve procurement integration with other business teams and stakeholders. Our service transforms procurement from an administrative cost centre to being a creative and value-adding partner to the whole organisation. 

We empower cross-functional teams to ensure knowledge transfer and upskilling while involving other stakeholders deeply and constructively at all stages in the process. Our ability to perform deep, detailed analytics of company-wide spend ensures data, facts and knowledge drive our sourcing strategies and supplier negotiations.