Efficio's Managed Procurement Services give access to procurement expertise on demand, enabling you to deliver value to the business and realise bottom line improvement.

Many companies - from the long-established to the rapidly growing - face common challenges around strategy, people, process and technology that can prevent a step-change in procurement effectiveness.

Our Managed Procurement Service (MPS) supports your procurement operations through technology deployment, interim resource augmentation and procurement transformation.

Unlike a conventional consultancy, Efficio will take responsibility for delivering agreed savings and improvements, while ensuring that skills and knowledge are transferred to and embedded in the host company.

MPS provides support options in the following areas:

  • Resource capacity expertise: Enabling you to match resources and capabilities to peaks and troughs in procurement activity. These can be caused by factors such as major contract renewals, projects or changes in the marketplace.
  • Speed and impact: Increasing capability by providing early access to benchmarks and best practices that can drive forward bottom line improvement. 
  • Tools and software: Giving access to specialist software solutions and procurement tools that would otherwise be too expensive or may only be needed rarely. We also ensure solutions are properly utilised, and maintenance and updates do not overstretch in-house IT resources.
  • Implementation: Capability uplift and skills acquisition can involve ‘cultural’ changes which require a longer term approach. Efficio’s MPS offers support to companies introducing new procurement process and helps to ensure benefits are sustained.

Benefits of the MPS approach

The combination of challenges you face varies over time – individual skills are gained or lost; major projects may require different expertise; mergers, acquisitions, new products and new markets have their own requirements. Our MPS approach allows you to address wider elements of spend, over a longer period, to deliver greater and more permanent benefits.

MPS is unique in that it is applicable not just to the commonly outsourced indirect spend categories, but also to direct, core and project spend. Indeed, MPS is not fundamentally an outsourcing of activity: it is an insourcing of capability – an extension of the team, not a replacement.

Flexible and affordable

MPS covers a mix of procurement services appropriate to your requirements, including Sourcing and eSourcing, Supplier Management, Category Management, Procurement Process Improvement, Analytics, and Technology Implementation to deliver benefits through people, technology and expertise.

Typically, expert high level consultancy will define the problems and solutions and provide a short-term ‘boost’ which is then sustained by ongoing teams working with the firm’s own staff to provide capability, supported by Efficio’s eFlow technology base. As further developments and projects arise, consultancy can be brought back in and the teams and technology reconfigured.