To accelerate results and delivery, businesses need the right team with a full understanding of requirements. We understand this can be a challenge. Not all organizations have the procurement capacity to operate an end-to-end function or the time to train their people.

As both consultants and practitioners, we’ll turbo-boost your delivery and results using a combination of knowledge, technology, content, and data. Whether that’s training through the Efficio Academy or using our data to drive decision-making, you will successfully boost your procurement function in the long and short term.

Today’s key challenges

Filling gaps in the team

It’s not uncommon to face increased short-term workloads. This can be caused by one-off major project procurements, delays in replacing key staff members, or the integration of an acquired procurement function. 

Sizing teams to meet a business plan

Short-term or short-notice requirements, such as new business plans, can place additional strains on procurement resources. The right flexible resource augmentation is essential for bridging the gap. 

Upskilling teams

Whether it’s managing a specific project or handling new tools and processes, in-house teams sometimes need a boost. This may take the shape of specialists working alongside an existing team or talent to plug a short-term gap.

Bridging short-term gaps

Businesses maintaining a core team for regular operations often require additional resources, specific skills, or category expertise that's available on-demand, to carry them through peak procurement periods.

How we can help

Resource augmentation

If unexpected requirements are putting a strain on your procurement services, we’re here to help. Our experts will analyze your business objectives and understand your areas of pressure before recommending solutions to meet your exact requirements. Whatever your challenges, you can draw on our sector-wide expertise or tap into high-level consultancy offered through our management procurement services. 

In addition, you’ll have access to in-depth data that optimizes your decision-making. Plus, our eFlow Knowledge Hub, delivers the know-how we have gathered over the past 20+ years and the latest content covering best practice, delivery, and ways to build your procurement capability. Efficio can provide a flexible capacity to address the peak periods that arise with new projects, additional stakeholder requirements, and business strategies 

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Procurement training - The Efficio Academy

The Efficio Academy offers a suite of training courses, covering everything from procurement to analytics and business soft skills. Our aim? To help you attract, develop, and retain talent.

Delivered by consultants with decades of procurement experience, our sustainable, end-to-end program enables you to continually upskill your teams. 

With Efficio, no two training programs are ever the same. We design each solution around your specific needs and areas of focus, combining different learning methods to suit your trainees. This means you can expect our training to be effective and impactful from day one. 

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The training programme will ensure that the results achieved so far can continue to be built upon, and that savings and performance improvements can be generated on an ongoing basis.
Carlos Alonso, MD, R&D, Procurement and Supply Chain, Grupo VIPS

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