Capability Development is at the core of Efficio's approach to procurement improvement. We transfer you the skills that ensure category benefits and savings are not simply achieved, but sustained.

Procurement progress is often hampered because staff do not have capabilities in the latest tools, techniques and methodologies.

Yet it may be unclear just which skillsets require updating, or how to create a methodology that will permanently raise the capability of the entire function.

Efficio has spent many years developing and refining our in-house Procurement Academy and transferring content to our clients.

We conduct skills capability assessments against a set of balanced criteria and from this develop a core training/coaching plan to address identified weaknesses in both hard and soft procurement skills. Needs identified may range from tools and technologies, through current best practices, to specific category issues.

Delivery takes a variety of forms, including:

  • Formal instructor-led group training (‘live’ or online)
  • Individual coaching
  • Surgery ‘drop in’ sessions

Our training is not just theoretical: all our courses and coaching programmes are led by experienced Procurement professionals who use their own experience to bring the content to life. Our flexible delivery model means we always tailor our approach to be relevant to your situation.

Training is a mixture of ‘tell – show – do’: we explain the theory, we bring it to life using real examples, and we run exercises to ensure real understanding. Efficio can provide the content, or we can work with your existing content. And our eFlow technology platform gives you access to online versions that you can continue to use in the future.

Who we work with

Efficio helps develop procurement capabilities in organisations large and small. We have been working with HSBC for five years on a global coaching and training programme to support the introduction of core category management processes. We ran skills assessments for all the staff in the Procurement function worldwide and developed a training and coaching programme which has already trained over 200 buyers and category managers in the new ways of working.