Built and deployed by practitioners, eFlow is a proprietary procurement technology platform designed to support savings delivery, improve supplier partnerships, drive innovation and manage risk.

Combining this comprehensive procurement technology solution with the in-depth knowledge, category expertise and vast content pool amassed by our consultants over many years of working with clients, enables us to offer you the best possible solution.

eFlow offers a number of benefits when used in conjunction with our consultants including the ability to deliver savings faster across a larger addressable cost pool, improved levels of supplier compliance, and measurable and sustainable savings. 

Through our consultants you can also draw on the skills of our 50-strong team of digital experts to maximise the benefit driven from data and drive client value, allowing you to deliver tangible benefits and project ROI.

eFlow Spend Analytics enabled us for the first time to obtain detailed visibility of Fujitsu's global procurement spend. Until then this has been a significant challenge due to our organisational complexity and the large number of ERP systems we operate.

Mikko Kivisto, General Manager, Country Procurement, Fujitsu

How we work

Spend Analytics

Delivering key insights into spend and trends classified effectively against a procurement friendly taxonomy based on our 18 years + experience

  • Our procurement experts help interpret and apply the analysis to future procurement decisions
  • Acquisition and analysis of spend data is accurate and precise underpinned by automation and machine learning techniques

I understand where and with whom I spend money

Demand Planning

Enabling the proactive prediction of future spend based on historic trends and the consolidation of business plans synchronised with template libraries

  • Creates a single communicable view of anticipated spend to enable engagement with the supply chain to drive efficiency and foster innovation
  • Incrementally aggregates data to refine and optimise spend prediction models to enhance business planning

I understand where and when my business needs to invest


Capturing activity within the procurement function to allow monitoring and measurement of success

  • Savings tracking of initiatives to trace the value created throughout the procurement life cycle
  • Automated portfolio status reporting to enhance prioritisation decision making

I quantify the value I am creating


Creating additional value through the sourcing process by applying data science and best-in-class templates to cost unbundling

  • Acceleration of the sourcing process whilst enhancing quality through the analytics engine
  • Reduces the technical bar to run effective complex events

I get the best value deal for the least cost

Contract Management

Configurable contract management solution simplifying the process to stay in control of your contracts portfolio

  • Proactive management through analytics suite and obligations alerts
  • Ability to harmonise data with spend and performance to enable pipeline management and category management activities

I understand my commitments and can track compliance

Supplier Performance

Ensuring that promises made by partners as part of a sourcing process are maintained

  • Automated consolidation of KPI/SLA measures on a periodic basis
  • Drives focus and fact to a strategic supplier relationship management programme

I monitor my supplier's performance

Cost Control

Proactively enforces contractual compliance to complex (often outsourcing) agreements; implementing rate card control and digitalising the requisitioning and invoicing of work

  • Visibility at both a macro and micro level of forecasted and actual spend
  • Simplification of approvals and governance workflows

I ensure that my contract is compliantly managed

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