Lessons from IPC EMEA's (Subway) procurement transformation 

In our rapidly-changing world, procurement leaders must proactively plan for their future by building robust, effective, and flexible organisations.

In this webinar, Bryan Griffiths, CEO and Simon Aldred, COO of IPC EMEA (Subway), join Sarah Coleman, Principal at Efficio, to discuss IPC Europe's recent procurement transformation. They will provide insights into the key lessons taken from this process and what you need to know when planning or implementing your own procurement transformation. 

This webinar will cover:

  • How a procurement excellence transformation can improve even already excellent stakeholder management practices
  • Why you must avoid focusing on efficiency as the sole priority and include process and capacity
  • The importance of culture and values to a successful procurement transformation
  • How the goodwill and capability of your team is critical to procurement success
  • Why buy-in from the board was key to IPC's successful transformation