Rebecca Lonsdale, CPO at BP Castrol, discusses her career journey, from her first job in procurement at Nissan to her current role at Castrol. She also shares her stories about the impactful individuals and leaders she has worked with over the years, as well as her experience working in different countries and transitioning from direct to indirect procurement.

In this episode, Rebecca and host Simon Lipscomb discuss:

  • The key leaders who have influenced her and the importance of authentic leadership 
  • Rebecca's experience as a working mother, acknowledging her need to balance career ambitions with family commitments
  • The impact of her personal experiences on her leadership style, particularly her recognition of the importance of trust and family-first values in her team 
  • The future of procurement, and how she sees it as an exciting and impactful field where relationships and making a difference are key

Listen to the podcast below: