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Global Consulting Limited Complaints Management Policy

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Efficio Global Consulting Limited (“Efficio” and/or “the Company”) seeks to maintain its reputation as an organisation delivering high-quality professional services and is committed to maintaining its responsiveness to any needs and concerns of its clients. The purpose of this Client Complaints Management Policy (the “Policy”) is to establish a structured and transparent process for addressing and resolving client complaints. We are committed to ensuring client satisfaction whilst continuously improving our products and services. In the first instance, Efficio would prefer their clients to immediately inform the Vice President of the Opportunity Assessment or Project of any form of dissatisfaction in relation to the services provided by Efficio. Each project has a steering committee where any concerns, issues or complaints are usually managed and, if agreed necessary, escalated. If this course of action fails, for whatever reason, this Policy is to provide transparency to our clients and a procedure to help us understand the client issues experienced, enable us to identify improvements and consider the way we continue to perform our services.

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