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eFlow Sourcing has been built to support the entire sourcing process with special emphasis on automating many tasks that are currently output through spreadsheets.

This module has been designed using our extensive experience of sourcing complex categories to enable users to create complex pricing structures all within the application, all delivered through a proprietary database architecture that is flexible enough to handle any pricing structure.  This enables users to run all analysis from within the application, eliminating the need for spreadsheet analytics.

Sourcing facilitates multi-event tender processes and includes provision for industry leading features such as complex pricing structures and total lot scoring.


Typical challenges

Sourcing technology either not in place or used as a workflow management tool 

Commercial evaluation typically done through spreadsheet based technology which can be prone to error

Limited analysis provision

Low auditability due to several processes (clarification, capability moderation, feedback, award) occurring offline

Event based with no repeatability as IC captured is not reusable


Our solution

Sourcing projects house all information relevant to an initiative

Pricing models are supported by the application reducing the need for creating a bespoke spreadsheet

Immediate analytics of supplier responses on submission, validated to ensure correctness

Pre-configured scenario analysis (cherry picks, avg. top 3 etc.) speed up analytics of supplier responses

Capability and Pricing can be analysed together

All information/processes can stay on tool to ensure that managers are able to understand current state and all information exists for auditing

Clarifications, capability moderation, feedback and award workflow all integrated into the application 

Key benefits

eFlow Sourcing is a flexible platform that combines capability and pricing activities in an integrated application to support even the most complex tenders

Full, flexible pricing submission support
Full, flexible pricing submission support

Pricing structure designed to be fully customisable by the user so that it is applicable to all categories / Built to be used in Efficio’s own projects

Built to support multi-event projects
Built to support multi-event projects

Structure mirrors reality in how projects are structured; allows a single repository per project / Projects can have several events (eg. PQQ, ITT) with multiple parts (capability/pricing)

Lotting at the heart
Lotting at the heart

All events can be broken down into Lots, enabling lot by lot scoring and analysis


Interactive clarification capability speeds up interactions between stakeholders and suppliers

Enhanced evaluation and feedback support
Enhanced evaluation and feedback support

Pricing and capability are evaluated together effectively / Pricing feedback can be delivered on the line level