Turn carbon measurement into action and reporting

Much of the ESG impact that a business is responsible for sits within its supply chain. For example, supply chain emissions typically make up 40-80% of an organisation’s total carbon emissions – often reaching over 90% – but quantifying this to achieve visibility is often challenging.

Efficio's CarbonCube® is a tool for sustainability and procurement teams to quickly and effectively calculate supply chain emissions, set targets, and monitor supplier performance. 

The CarbonCube® calculates emissions from Categories 1, 2, 4, and 6 of Scope 3

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The CarbonCube® at a glance

The CarbonCube® uses procurement spend data to calculate carbon emissions. Spend data is categorised, and emissions factors are matched to the categorised spend to calculate emissions. This data can then be enhanced over time with supplier-specific data as it becomes available.

This approach simplifies carbon emissions baselining, target setting, and measurement.

Increase visibility

Leverage existing spend data to derive greenhouse gas data and identify hotspots

Set your targets

Define science-backed carbon reduction targets

Simplify reporting

Reduce the administrative burden of increased reporting requirements

Deliver results

Build actionable strategies, deliver measurable results, and streamline reporting

Enhance your data

Enhance the dataset with supplier-specific data as it becomes available

Hear from some CarbonCube® users

The CarbonCube® makes carbon emissions monitoring and improvements easier for sustainability and procurement teams across a wide variety of organisations, including private equity funds and their portfolio companies, utilities, financial institutions, and more.

"At Kantar, we focus on actionable data insight, and Efficio’s CarbonCube® has been an incredibly powerful addition to our sustainability capabilities. It lets us calculate our Scope 3 emissions, identify emissions hotspots, and engage suppliers. It has also helped us report our environmental performance through CDP."

Stephanie Keighley, Senior Director ESG Team

"Efficio’s CarbonCube® enabled us to set a strong and realistic emission baseline from which to prepare carbon reduction initiatives, supporting the Bank’s strategic agenda for its 2024 SBTi submission and fostering a culture of sustainability and environmental awareness throughout our value chain – from our employees through to our supply base."

Rachel Hollywood, Procurement ESG Manager
Permanent TSB

"The CarbonCube® has taken us from having limited visibility over our total emissions to understanding our highest emission areas, allowing us to prioritise categories for reductions. Ofwat, our regulatory body, requested the Scope 3 emissions associated with wastewater and clean water services this year, and the CarbonCube® enables us to pull that data very quickly and easily."

Phil Blaen, Manager of Sustainable Business
Yorkshire Water

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