Our digitally-enabled approach


Our proprietary procurement and supply chain platform, eFlow, enhances our consultants' work as well as our client outcomes.

But technology alone is not enough. We believe the best results come from great data and content, combined with human and technology intelligence.

Our consultants' specialist expertise combines with our unique content, focused software, and category-relevant data to ensure we continue delivering value long after the first project and engagement have finished. Whether through ongoing cost management, continually identifying savings opportunities, or helping track progress against carbon reduction plans, we help sustain value delivery over the long term.

How our approach makes an impact

Our approach has a powerful impact on our clients' procurement and supply chain transformations. With over 20 years of experience, we can leverage a huge wealth of data and intelligence to deliver tangible results.

Our machine learning-powered spend analytics tools harness insights from over 8 million supplier experiences. We can combine this with thousands of pricing data points from billions of pounds of spend.

Alongside our data expertise, we also offer you access to 100 templates from our best practice digital toolkit, making sourcing processes easier and more efficient. If you need specific category expertise or your capacity is lacking internally, our team and eFlow platform will help you achieve your goals.

Long term value and security

The specialist expertise of our consultants combined with unique content, focused software and category-relevant data means you’ll continue benefiting, long after our engagement. 

Whether it's ongoing cost management, continually identifying savings, or tracking progress against carbon reduction plans, we’ll help you drive long-term value delivery.

At the same time, our responsibility to safeguard clients’ data always remains front of mind. While data protection regulations vary by country and region, we comply with information security requirements globally. We are proud to hold both the ISO 27001 and 9001 certifications.

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How we can help

Easier tracking of your ESG goals 

We’ll support you in building a solid data foundation. One that’s ready to track your business’s ESG goals. That way, your teams can successfully achieve positive change.

Balancing ESG factors with cost

Balancing investment with cost control is vital for success. Our team will fine tune your ongoing opportunity and risk identification processes to improve costs and your ESG agenda.

Reducing carbon with CarbonCube 

Efficio’s CarbonCube identifies carbon reduction opportunities through data analysis and visualization. We also offer regional-specific solutions to improve reporting and prioritize areas for improvement.

AI-driven spend categorization and data enrichment

eFlow uses machine learning-powered spend analytics to categorize spend data; we work with partner clients to augment their core datasets (spend, contracts, initiatives) with our expertise, experience, and external feeds to support ongoing opportunity and risk identification. The goal is a constantly refreshed pipeline, helping you prioritize your team now and in the future.

    Efficient management, speedier delivery

    eFlow Initiative Management enables you to operate a joint pipeline of initiatives. It works seamlessly with eFlow Sourcing to provide templates and automation for your sourcing events, while eFlow’s Supplier Communications improves how you interact with your suppliers. Our benchmarks, templates, and training content will  speed up both your operations and delivery.

    Applications to realize your savings 

    eFlow Cost Management applications make it easy to manage specific categories, like cloud computing, over their full lifecycle. Together, we can optimize benefits and manage risks while ensuring your savings are realized.

    Driving better decisions with data

    Our specialist consultants work with you to understand the maturity of your data landscape and assess what needs to change. We’ll  provide the right foundation for transforming your data into useful and timely information, so you can use it to improve decision making and track KPIs.

    Helping you move forward with eFlow

    eFlow enables you to manage a joint pipeline of procurement initiatives, while managing risks and realising savings. eFlow saves you time in the sourcing process by giving access to our RFP templates, automating analysis steps and streamlining supplier communications.

    Upskill your teams with the Efficio Academy

    Tap into a suite of training courses that support you in attracting, developing, and retaining talent. Delivered either online or in person by our expert consultants, our training makes it easy to continually upskill your teams.

    Solutions for now and tomorrow

    We’ll take the time to analyze your strategy, objectives, data, and technology. That way, we can develop short, medium, and long-term solutions that will support you in reaching your goals.

    Stay on track with our CPO dashboards

    Our C-suite dashboards put all the information you need at your fingertips. The result? You can stay on top of KPIs, improve performance and sustain value. 

    Driving excellence with eFlow

    The combination of our expert consultants and our eFlow platform means you can speed up delivery, identify opportunities, reduce risks, and prioritize what’s important.

    Improving network design

    Our tools can streamline the assessment and design of new manufacturing and distribution networks. Together, we can minimise costs and lead time while maximizing customer experience.

    Efficient inventory setting

    We’ll 'crunch' your sales and forecast data to set par levels for raw material and finished goods stock. This will help release working capital and keep in-demand goods moving.

    Point solutions for your unique challenges

    We’ll work with you to develop solutions for your specific challenges. For example, we developed a sophisticated modelling tool for the UK Government’s Vaccine Task Force (VTF) to model demand for vaccines during the pandemic.

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