Add 30% to Your Bottom Line by Breaking Down Silos

Introducing a new book by three Efficio leaders ...

Your lack of focus on Procurement is limiting your profits. Multiply them by making Procurement a company-wide priority.

Profit from Procurement: How to Add 30% to Your Bottom Line by Breaking Down Silos delivers an insightful, compelling, and fresh take on a subject that typically comprises 50% of a business’s total costs: Procurement

Alex Klein - COO and Co-Founder, Simon Whatson - VP, and Jose Oliveira - VP, highlight the limitations of the traditional, functionally siloed approach to Procurement, and demonstrate how significant EBITDA gains can be made by lifting Procurement out of the back office and enabling it to fundamentally reset a company’s cost base.

The authors deliver practical strategies and examples from their work with the world’s top organizations to help you unleash your company’s profit potential.

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What you will learn

PROFIT FROM PROCUREMENT offers readers a practical and concrete roadmap to optimizing, integrating and deploying a company’s Procurement capabilities, creating a less siloed, more impactful function.


Readers will learn:

  • How to plan their company’s Procurement transformation
  • How to ensure their team possesses the skills necessary for the coming change
  • How to reposition the Procurement function to become the driver of cross-functional change
  • How to integrate new topics such as digitalization and sustainability into their Procurement roadmaps
  • How to ensure that Procurement efficiencies are fully reflected in bottom-line profits


Perfect for C-Suite executives and Procurement professionals at companies of all sizes, PROFIT FROM PROCUREMENT belongs on the bookshelves of every employee and leader tasked with company operations and profit strategy.

Its accessible, frank, and refreshing style, combined with practical, actionable advice, based on the authors’ extensive real-life experience, make it a must read for any executive looking to make an impact through Procurement.



Alex, Simon, and Jose have been helping companies to reduce costs and improve EBITDA across industries and geographies for many years. This wealth of experience gives them a clear understanding of what works and what doesn’t. PROFIT FROM PROCUREMENT consolidates this knowledge in a no-nonsense way and the narrative is free of heavy theoretical frameworks, instead laying out a set of practical tools and advice that I’m sure CPOs and execs will appreciate.

Charles Letizia, CPO, Group Procurement Director, Tesco

Not only does PROFIT FROM PROCUREMENT contain a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and insight from its highly experienced authors, it’s a really interesting read. The writing style is hard-hitting and practical yet also entertaining, and the chapters are all peppered with useful (and often amusing) anecdotes and lessons learned. It’s a must-read for Procurement leaders and C-level executives who want to turn their Procurement functions into a powerful EBITDA contributor.

Cyril Pourrat, CPO, BT Group

A great read, written by true Procurement practitioners, explaining one of Procurement’s core value propositions in an honest, practical, and entertaining way. If you are looking to accelerate your Procurement function’s savings delivery and margin improvement, PROFIT FROM PROCUREMENT is your book.

Marielle Beyer, Head of Global Procurement, Roche

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About the authors

Alex Klein

COO and Co-founder of Efficio, the world’s leading Procurement consultancy. He works with large blue-chip corporations and mid-sized PE-owned companies to help them execute global Procurement transformation programs and has over 25 years’ experience in the industry.

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Simon Whatson

Vice President at Efficio’s London HQ. He supports companies across sectors to augment Procurement’s value proposition through multi-year programs.He has led industry thought leadership reports on technology and talent and speaks at global conferences on the topics.

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Jose Oliveira

Vice President at Efficio’s New York office. He supports companies and their investors by embedding Procurement as a core business function, establishing cross-functional engagement and stronger commitment to change management.

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