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Alex Klein - Efficio Consulting
Alex Klein co-founded Efficio in 2000 with Melaye Ras-Work, Jens Pedersen and Juraj Priecel. He is a leading authority on structuring cross-border Procurement Transformations and has over 25 years’ experience in the industry.

Alex is a co-author of the book PROFIT FROM PROCUREMENT published in 2021 by Wiley.

Main areas of practice

Alex is an expert in structuring and executing pan-European and global Procurement programmes, and has deep functional expertise in Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Organisation Redesign.


Prior to Efficio, Alex was a Principal with A.T. Kearney, where he worked for seven years in Europe and in the USA. Alex holds a BA from the University of Bristol and an MBA from Manchester Business School. A German national, he speaks German, English, French and Spanish.


Alex works across a broad industry spectrum, supporting Manufacturing, Energy, Telecommunications, High Tech, Financial Services and Utilities companies. He also works extensively with leading Private Equity firms to deliver benefits in their portfolio companies.

His sourcing category expertise spans Manufactured Components, Engineering, Construction/Capex, Maintenance & MRO, IT, Facilities Management, Professional Services, Marketing and Temporary Labour.

Significant experience

  • Global Procurement Transformation – global utilities provider:  Launched and oversaw a two-year global Procurement Transformation programme, involving three waves of Strategic Sourcing, global Procurement Organisation Redesign, and upskilling of Procurement teams in the UK and US. Cross-functional global Sourcing teams sourced the majority of Capex and Opex spend, addressing $3 billion in spend, and generating annualised savings in excess of $250 million
  • Pan-brand Procurement – German manufacturing company: Oversaw a Strategic Sourcing project for this Private Equity-owned company encompassing three brand-specific Procurement organisations across a number of European country markets. The project addressed some €200 million of direct and indirect spend, and delivered savings in excess of €20 million. It was an enabler for the creation of a strengthened pan-European Procurement organisation at Group level
  • Procurement Transformation – pan-European mobile telecoms operator:  Launched and managed a two-year Procurement Transformation programme addressing the entire third-party spend, including Handsets, Network Construction, Roaming Charges and other direct and indirect categories. The programme delivered over €100 million in annualised savings from €900 million of spend
  • Strategic Sourcing – global automotive OEM, Europe: Launched and managed a Strategic Sourcing project with a scope of $300 million covering engineering, temporary labour, MRO, and engine testing services. The project involved volume leverage across a number of independent car marques across Europe and resulted in a 10% cost reduction
  • Outsourcing – UK manufacturing company: Led a client team through a process of outsourcing a large ‘bundle’ of non-core facilities management functions. Key work aspects included development of strategic options, determination of optimum outsourcing scope, pre-qualification of suppliers, and deal structuring and negotiation. The project resulted in a 17% cost reduction





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Alex is a keen classical guitarist, a passion he has picked up again after a multi-year hiatus. Beyond that he describes himself as a fitness yo-yo...either training for races or not training at all!