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Starting a new role as a Chief Procurement Officer can be an exciting yet challenging experience. The CPO is expected to be a real change agent in the business, driving success at speed, with innovative ideas and rapid cost savings. Achieving this, while trying to build a personal brand, as well as trusted relationships with key business stakeholders is a testing process that requires meticulous planning.

However, the pressure to make an immediate impact is prevalent and it can be difficult to find a good place to start. The first three months can either make or break a new CPO, making it crucial to have an action plan in place from day one. 

To support and guide you on your new journey, we have developed a range of insightful content to help you build a platform for success. From Q&As with experienced CPOs to a comprehensive checklist, we endeavour to equip you with valuable material to help you achieve successful procurement, immediate cost savings and leave a lasting mark on the business.

A key enabler of success is to pull together cross-functional teams to cocreate a strategy with the business, rather than to the business.

Jonathan Sims, CPO, ENGIE

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New CPOs: How to survive and thrive in the first 100 days and beyond

New CPOs: How to survive and thrive in the first 100 days and beyond

This guide aims to provide a framework for those crucial first three months in your new role. Download it now.

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New CPO checklist

New CPO checklist

The first 100 days in office can make or break a CPO’s career – it’s crucial to use them wisely. In view of this, we’ve curated a simple, easy guide to overcome the challenges and achieve optimum success in your first 100 days as a new CPO.

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A CPO's first 100 days - podcast series in partnership with Art of Procurement

Listen to our five-part podcast series, created in partnership with the Art of Procurement, exploring the ways you can make an immediate impact in your first 100 days.

Opportunity Assessment

This service is aimed at CPOs who are looking to make a step-change in procurement performance. Get in touch to discuss how an Opportunity Assessment can deliver value to your procurement.

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