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Supplier Lifecycle Management

Supplier Lifecycle Management has been designed with the category manager in mind.

This module houses a contract repository where all relevant data from the sourcing phase is prepopulated and provides users with the ability to segment supplier to determine how each of them should be managed. Once segmented, appropriate triggers can be set up for account reviews and suppliers can be notified whenever they have any actions to complete.  This module has a supplier portal where current suppliers can keep relevant documents updated and potential suppliers can register interest.

Supplier Lifecycle Management (SLM) provides a communal space for suppliers and procurement to co-manage contracts:


Typical challenges

- Contracts are manually created by procurement or legal with pricing matrices attached as PDFs
- Contract repository not being used or set up but not maintained
- Different version of contracts are not tracked
- SRM activities not being tracked
- Account reviews done sporadically


Our solution

- Certain contract information, e.g. price lists, are pulled from eSourcing to aid in creating contracts
Contract repository to set up relevant triggers and renewal dates
A collaborative platform for both suppliers and client users to share files and information
Supplier interaction tracked and managed to support all types of SRM activities
Supports a robust risk management and sustainability agenda
Allows suppliers to take more responsibility for completing SRM tasks

Key benefits

eFlow Supplier Lifecycle Management allows clients to manage their contracts and relationships with suppliers in a more effective, positive and collaborative way

Create a shared truth
Create a shared truth

Customer-supplier contracts held in a single repository accessible by both parties / Contractual amendments held with a full document version history

Trigger what is important to you
Trigger what is important to you

Users can set up custom triggers to flag important events / Trigger functionality extends to flag changes in linked indices or groups of indices

Keep data live
Keep data live

Pricing data can be created from the eSourcing module and tracked in the Performance Management module / It is not hidden in a PDF Updates (and agreement to them) can be managed within the module’s workflow

Take control of your supplier landscape
Take control of your supplier landscape

Actively segment supplier base tailoring the required action plan to the type of supplier / Understand key supplier information at a glance, pulling relevant information from elsewhere

Manage contracts together
Manage contracts together

Create and monitor action plans and tasks in a space visible by both parties