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Organizations that don’t have a sourcing technology solution in place are often relying on spreadsheets to fulfil key tasks.
This can increase the likelihood of errors, restrict data analysis opportunities and, without a clear audit trail, make it difficult to prove whether compliance procedures were followed during a supplier bid process.

How we can help

Our eFlow Sourcing solution facilitates the management of RFxs – delivering value faster and with significantly improved outcomes. Originally built by Efficio to support the requirements of our global procurement consultancy business, eFlow Sourcing is unique because embedded in the technology is our category and benchmarking knowledge. Our technology extracts and indexes supplier bid data, auto analyzes it and generates immediate feedback – speeding up the turnaround times for managing RFx bids.
Supplier information and analysis can be held within the application, giving procurement teams complete access to information and ensuring the process can be fully audited.
Pricing structures can also be created within the application and are fully customisable. This means previous templates can be reused, reducing the technical bar required to run pricing processes, and allowing events to be re-run quickly and with minimal overheads.