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About eFlow

eFlow is a technology platform that revolutionizes the way in which we think about, deliver and manage savings.

Our approach to technology is both market leading and unique. Robust and flexible, eFlow has been created using Efficio’s expertise and procurement knowledge to facilitate the delivery of real results.

eFlow is an integrated technology application, used by Efficio and our clients to provide increasingly effective project delivery. It changes a linear sourcing and contract management process to a cyclical, closed loop procurement lifecycle.

Delivering the link from Spend Analytics through to ongoing Performance Management, eFlow operates at the heart of the Efficio managed service and consultancy offer.


An introduction to eFlow

Watch the video to find out more about how eFlow can facilitate the delivery of real results to your business.

eFlow in numbers


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Suppliers in the database


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Client Challenges (Mouse-over the panels for our solutions)


Our clients struggle to realize the full savings identified during the sourcing phase due to the complexity involved in tracking and implementing compliance

Clients also have difficulty in understanding the performance of their suppliers and where attention should be focused

Our solution

Track and validate invoiced prices and specifications against rates throughout the contract to present a real understanding of bottom-line savings

Provide supplier oriented dashboards for quick decision making, succinctly summarizing big data in impactful ways


The complicated nature of the pricing models we support requires a significant amount of manual effort

To ensure the best outcome for a client, granular data must be captured, processed and analyzed which results in extraordinarily large data sets

Our solution

Create sophisticated technology to process the increasing amounts of data; improving the quality, accuracy and speed of the analytics produced

Provide the infrastructure to repeat the analytics process with little rework


Our consulting effort is difficult for clients to reproduce as it requires inheriting complex spreadsheet models, which often dissuades them from repeating the previous exercise

Our solution

Being able to use the same application to repeat a sourcing process enables the ability to accelerate the process of re-sourcing the category

Especially relevant for categories with large commodity components or capacity changes


Clients often have their own unique way of capturing and categorizing spend, which isolates them from comparing their data to the market and other competitors

There are few sources of reference to understand a benchmark of cost and productivity for spend items

Our solution

Store all data from OA to ongoing management providing a vast amount of information which can be classified for benchmarking and comparative purposes

The Efficio practitioner expertise is critical in interpreting raw data into valuable models

Program Management Office

Typical challenges
  • Leadership team does not have the information necessary to make the best resourcing decisions
  • Inconsistencies in how different teams report progress each with different savings methodologies
  • No way of tracking why projects are being delayed
  • No real time process of tracking savings forecasts
  • No executive reporting dashboard capabilities for senior management to track progress
Our Solution
  • A single dashboard reporting on all key project management activities
  • A cloud-based application that provides a real time view of project management activities across all eFlow modules
  • An automated approach to project management that minimizes the amount of manual input at any milestone
  • A single way of tracking projects, savings and general procurement performance

Spend Analytics

Typical challenges
  • Spend data is difficult to consolidate across ERP systems or countries
  • Classification often poorly structured with limited transparency; started from scratch every time
  • Difficult to collaborate to produce a consistent overall classification, especially between entities; collecting and synthesizing from various people is difficult
  • No standard global spend visibility platform to view analysis; analyses are often time consuming to create
  • Finalized data not adequately leveraged to drive insight
Our Solution
  • Upload multiple data sources, linking the similar fields to consolidate easily
  • eFlow generates suggestions based on previously completed classifications
  • All rules are accessible within the system
  • Web-based platform allows collaboration in real-time, increasing the overall efficiency
  • Visualization platform built in to provide analyses; more time can be spent analyzing rather than creating
  • A consulting support service is on hand to provide analytical skills to drive all necessary insights out of each refresh

Category Planning

Typical challenges
  • Difficult to pull together spend information in order to start to develop business cases
  • Lack of a consistent way to size and show opportunities within the procurement team
  • Projected savings potential and the resource required to deliver across wide range of categories is not based on experience
  • Prioritization of sourcing projects not well known across organization
  • Difficult to test different possibilities of arranging projects (in waves for example)
Our Solution
  • Integrated with Spend Analytics to easily start building business cases
  • Intuitive workflow guides user from initial numbers through savings and resourcing to develop scenarios of high ROI projects
  • Leverage Efficio’s experience through the application to help drive correct targets and timescales
  • Single environment in which to size savings and estimate resource results in full project business cases, visible across the business
  • Opportunities can be built into scenarios and these different scenarios can be compared in application


Typical challenges
  • eSourcing technology either not in place or used as a workflow management tool
  • Commercial evaluation typically done through spreadsheet based technology which can be prone to error
  • Limited analysis provision
  • Low auditability due to several processes (clarification, capability moderation, feedback, award) occurring offline
  • Event based with no repeatability as IC captured is not reusable
Our Solution
  • Sourcing projects house all information relevant to an initiative
  • Pricing models are supported by the application reducing the need for creating a bespoke spreadsheet
  • Immediate analytics of supplier responses on submission, validated to ensure correctness
  • Pre-configured scenario analysis (cherry picks, avg. top 3 etc.) speed up analytics of supplier responses
  • Capability and Pricing can be analysed together
  • All information/processes can stay on tool to ensure that managers are able to understand current state and all information exists for auditing
  • Clarifications, capability moderation, feedback and award workflow all integrated into the application

Supplier Lifecycle Management

Typical challenges
  • Contracts are manually created by procurement or legal with pricing matrices attached as PDFs
  • Contract repository not being used or set up but not maintained
  • Different version of contracts are not tracked
  • SRM activities not being tracked
  • Account reviews done sporadically
Our Solution
  • Certain contract information, e.g. price lists, are pulled from eSourcing to aid in creating contracts
  • Price lists stay as live data rather than just PDFs
  • A collaborative platform for both suppliers and client users to share files and information
  • Supplier interaction tracked and managed to support all types of SRM activities
  • Supports a robust risk management and sustainability agenda
  • Allows suppliers to take more responsibility for completing SRM tasks

Performance Management

Typical challenges
  • Savings identified through sourcing can not be tracked; actual savings not known
  • KPIs not being tracked or actively used to manage suppliers
  • Compliance on non-catalogue items difficult to track
Our Solution
  • Enables item level tracking of actual spend, linking back to baseline and assumptions made at the tender stage to measure actual savings vs. expected savings
  • KPIs are tracked within the system; dashboards guide users to missed KPIs and failing suppliers
  • Link to spend analytics helps to find non-compliance supplier spend
  • Item level savings tracking helps to show new items or non-catalogue items

eFlow is a unified platform designed to meet the end-to-end needs of procurement

As an integrated solution, eFlow supports the entire procurement lifecycle


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