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ICV and Local Content Development

Efficio’s ICV and Local Content Development service helps legislate and regulate procurement practices by national and local authorities and by companies, foreign or domestic-owned, especially where these are performing ‘public’ functions.

Developing countries often find their economic potential is undermined when public and private procurement expenditures flow out of the country to foreign national companies.

For those with economies based largely on natural resources and primary production, capturing and retaining the potential economic benefit from jobs and skills is a huge opportunity to develop a long-term sustainable economy and this is why countries offer ICV certification. 


Our work with governments helps ensure that goods and services for the primary industries are procured locally. We also explore whether there is a viable base for developing secondary and tertiary manufacturing and service sectors.

Efficio helps devise and implement policy, legislation and processes that:

  • Create economic and commercial advantage
  • Discover categories in which local sourcing can be a viable option
  • Calculate, measure and report the benefits generated
  • Ensure laws and rules do not overstep World Trade Organisation rules, and other obligations arising from  bilateral or multilateral trade agreements

We provide the tools and knowledge that enable governments to create and implement new procurement processes, systems, measurement and reporting processes. This ensures the domestic population will benefit from job creation, skills development, investment and long-term sustainable growth.


Efficio also works with domestic or foreign companies that are bidding for contracts, tenders or franchises under these rules. Our support for corporates includes:

  • Guidance on the rules and legislation
  • Help with identifying promising candidates to fulfil local sourcing obligations
  • Assistance in writing tender responses to best demonstrate local content contribution
  • Help devising appropriate procurement strategies that will encourage local content without impairing international performance

Efficio is currently engaged by a G20 Middle East nation to develop a national Local Content Programme. To calculate the potential benefits and identify target areas we built an economic forecasting application with over 23 million lines of data, including the expenditure from the largest major corporations in the country. The transformation programme is expected to create over 500,000 jobs for national citizens and £35 billion of retained economic value by 2020.

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