Efficio is proud to be a key partner at The Future of Insurance Forum  (Zukunftsforum Assekuranz) which is taking place in Cologne on 21-22 June.

The Future of Insurance Forum brings together key decision makers from German Insurance companies to discuss the latest industry trends and challenges and the future of the market. Insurance companies are under increasing pressure to lower costs. Low interest rates have reduced investment income, increased regulation has raised operating costs, claims values are rising, and the margin between premium income received and the cost of claims paid out is wafer-thin. Companies face the challenge of overcoming the issues of the past, such as warranties, legacy IT systems, rigid organisational structures or supplier contracts on the other side, whilst at the same time keeping up with the latest trends in digital innovation.

Our expertise

Efficio has extensive experience in this industry and has worked with leading insurance companies across Europe, the US and Canada. We have particular expertise in:

  • Optimisation of indirect spend and sourcing
  • Reduction of claims spend through improved claims management
  • Professionalising fraud management
  • Big data / Digitilisation

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