Global procurement experts Efficio have launched the Efficio Academy, an innovative approach to learning and development aimed at the company’s own consultants, as well as clients of the business.

The certified programme combines Efficio's world-class training programme with modules co-developed with Cranfield University, the UK’s only exclusively postgraduate university.

The academy is further enriched by eFlow, the industry’s first knowledge-driven electronic procurement hub, which captures Efficio’s intellectual capital and online training modules and disseminates them to the company’s consultants and clients through cutting-edge technology.

The Efficio Academy, led by Shirin Tomlinson, offers participants a combination of classroom-based teaching, e-learning, on-the-job training and coaching, as well as access to the Efficio Academic Library to support self-directed learning and independent study. The new syllabus will have in-built phased assessments to ensure participants have achieved the required knowledge, skills and project experience to apply their learnings to everyday practice.

The result is that Efficio employees benefit from an enhanced personal development programme that has a broad range of content and allows for in-depth learning due to the variety of delivery approaches. Clients also benefit from access to a highly skilled pool of Efficio consultants who are being continuously developed and advanced.

The Efficio Academy is equally focused on designing and delivering tailored training by adapting and customising a curriculum that meets individual client needs.

Our Efficio Academy is a valuable offering for our employees and clients. It highlights our commitment to continuously growing the knowledge, skills and experience of our employees and sustaining value for our clients. We are pleased to be partnering with Cranfield University on this initiative. The university’s postgraduate procurement and supply chain courses are highly regarded within the industry and we believe our employees and clients will benefit enormously from this collaboration.
Jens Pedersen, CEO of Efficio
We are delighted to be working with Efficio and are excited about the possibilities that this partnership might bring. Together we have developed an educational offering that will give participants access to some of the very best learning and development opportunities in the procurement arena
Mike Bernon, Director of Executive Development (SCM) at Cranfield University

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PR & Communications Manager
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