Efficio is proud to announce the launch of The Source, a bi-annual magazine providing readers with fresh insight into the world of procurement and supply chain.

The Source brings together Efficio's extensive experience of implementing global client projects alongside insights from industry professionals on the front line, making it a valuable read for supply chain and procurement leaders around the world. The magazine includes interviews with key industry players, case studies, and articles discussing developments in a number of industries.

The first edition of the magazine will be published on 10 April 2015. Highlights in this edition include a roadmap to the First 100 Days as a new CPO, an insight into client projects with Hitachi Rail and Scandinavian insurance giant Tryg, as well as a discussion on the changing nature of the place technology holds in the world of procurement.


We are delighted to be launching our new magazine. Rather than focussing on theory, our content will be highly pragmatic, based on insights ‘from the trenches’ – on lessons learnt by our experts as they work to design and implement superior supply chain strategies for clients. Our aim is to cover a range of strategic and tactical issues, but always with an eye on execution. In our experience, supply chain leaders often know what needs to be done….but struggle with the execution of these ideas. Wherever possible, our articles will draw on ‘real world’ client examples, with a focus on how these companies overcame the organisational barriers to effective execution.
Alex Klein, COO, Efficio

For more information, or to request a copy of the first edition of The Source, please contact: thesource@efficioconsulting.com.