In addition to being Chief Transformation Officer at The Adecco Group, shaping the future of work and the global employment landscape, Reshma Ramachandran’s 16,000+ LinkedIn followers are a testament to her firm commitment to DEI, leadership, culture transformation, and the power of positivity to empower, enlighten, and inspire. 

In this episode, Reshma Ramachandran and host, Simon Lipscomb, discuss ways to (re)set your ambitions for success.  

  • How “Imposter Syndrome” and visions of perfection work against us – especially when it comes to leadership 
  • How a growth mindset can help you to resolve self-limiting beliefs 
  • Psychological safety and how it empowers teams to contribute 
  • Mentoring, coaching, and the power of conversation 
  • Why we self-reject to self-protect  
  • Why are core mental strengths (resilience, empathy, humility) so essential? 

Listen to the podcast below