Professor Richard Wiling OBE is recognised as one of the world’s leading experts in logistics and supply chain management, retiring this summer after a quarter of a century at Cranfield University. Richard recently created a must-see course called Building Resilient Supply Chains for Effective Risk Management for LinkedIn Learning, and he discusses why it’s vital that everyone in business have a basic understanding of supply chain’s role. 

In this SPOTLIGHT ON PROCUREMENT episode, Richard Wilding and host, Simon Lipscomb, discuss: 

  • How supply chain management has changed since the 1980s
  • Current events – how have the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and high inflation changed the way businesses view supply chain issues?
  • What companies are doing differently as they emerge from the pandemic into a period of inflation
  • The shift to “procure for resilience” over cost
  • Supply chain’s role in academia
  • How can we present the complexities of supply chain and risk management so everyone can relate to it, with supply chain now being the biggest risk to businesses?

Listen to the podcast below