Philip Ideson, from Art of Procurement, talks to the authors about the book’s origin, the writing process, key themes, and why it’s such an important tool for Procurement leaders and professionals.

Efficio's Alex Klein – COO and Co-Founder, Simon Whatson – VP, and Jose Oliveira – VP highlight the limitations of the traditional, functionally siloed approach to Procurement and demonstrate how significant EBITDA gains can be made by lifting Procurement out of the back office and enabling it to fundamentally reset a company’s cost base. Key takeaways include:

  • Why is there an enduring need for strategic Procurement – during a pandemic, as well as in more normal times?
  • Why is cross functional collaboration essential for success?
  • Why should savings mastery be the first key step for Procurement, and what can it aspire to after that?

The authors deliver practical strategies and examples from their work with the world’s top organisations to help you unleash your company’s profit potential.