In procurement, it is often seen as necessary to say that you’re moving beyond savings to be taken seriously as a leading-edge function. There is lots of talk about other, more fashionable topics, but unless procurement has mastered the basics of commercial excellence it can’t hope to achieve much else. In short, there is significant danger of procurement functions trying to run before they can walk.

In this webinar, Efficio Vice President, Simon Whatson, and Chief Procurement Officer at Marks & Spencer, Andrew Newnham, will take you back to the procurement basics and why they are so important.

This webinar covers:

  • What are all the expectations of the procurement function today and what should procurement prioritise?
  • When and why did savings and commercial excellence become dirty words for procurement to be associated with?
  • What are the procurement basics and why is it important that they are mastered as a priority?
  • What are the simple steps that organisations can take to build a foundation for future success?