COVID-19 related logistics and supply chain disruptions have forced companies into crisis management mode, and many are struggling to stay operational. But now is the time for companies to take action and get an edge over their competition. Securing logistics capacity, building flexibility and resilience into your supply chain and reassessing your supply chain strategy with changing demand patterns will be the key to success during the restart of activity into recovery phase and eventual transition to the ‘New Normal’.

Agility is key to this new fast-changing landscape, and a dynamic response will be necessary to minimise the risk of the unique challenges ahead.

Covered in this webinar:

  • General insights and impacts on logistics (air, sea, road and courier) services and immediate actions to help mitigate the impacts
  • How to utilise the lessons learnt from the crisis to future-proof and build resiliency in your supply chain for the medium to long term
  • Key actions to start thinking about now for the recovery phase and to get ahead of the curve