Impactful procurement is a crucial lever to mitigating the inflationary cost pressures that all businesses are currently experiencing, but securing the capacity and investment required to deliver the necessary change is easier said than done. How can you demonstrate that your team can deliver higher in-year results with greater investment?

Yorkshire Water, working in their partnership with Efficio, is successfully making the case for investment in procurement and seeing the results that back this up.

In this webinar, Andrew Deakin, Principal at Efficio, and Andy Clark, Head of Commercial Services at Yorkshire Water,  discussed:

  • The importance of annual planning to the success of procurement
  • Approaches to build a robust pipeline without boiling the ocean
  • Ensuring the pipeline contributes to business priorities, not just procurement
  • Making the case for procurement investment to deliver in-year benefit
  • How to use annual planning to sustain the momentum of procurement change