Waldo Saville


Waldo Saville - Efficio Consulting
I joined Efficio after graduating from Oxford with a Masters in Chemistry. I was ambitious and very keen to get into a challenging environment.

Management consultancy appeared to be the right path, given the variety of work experience it would offer, combined with getting to know lots of different clients in a relatively short space of time. Having a strong mathematical base and a logical and rational approach to solving problems, operational consulting was at the top of my list.

My role

I started out working for our client Thames Water, supporting on large industrial chemicals sourcing projects, and as the engagement progressed, I took on the leadership of my own categories. This was an excellent fit for me as I was able to use the chemicals knowledge obtained from my Masters in a client environment. More recently I have been working with a large infrastructure maintenance company, where I have led high profile categories within major national procurement programmes. My engagements have not been limited to strategic sourcing, but have included project management roles on large-scale implementation programmes, as well as working on Opportunity Assessments for new clients.

Life at Efficio

Efficio is without a doubt a phenomenal environment in which to work, with such a broad network of talent from all over the world and from different working backgrounds. There is such a breadth of experience to draw on from my colleagues, and the collegiate environment means that everyone is encouraged to do so. Although the company has doubled in size since I joined in 2010, it still maintains that friendly and supportive culture. The joys of working here are not limited to the great professional working environment but the social side is also great fun. Every month we have a social event for the entire company, which gives everyone the opportunity to catch up after a challenging but rewarding month.

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