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Chris Clapham - Efficio Consulting
Chris joined Efficio in 2010 and has a wealth of pan-global experience leading large-scale projects across a range of industries, as well as heading Efficio’s Logistics SME Community. 


Main areas of practice 

Chris’ key strengths are in delivering Procurement Transformations, Strategic Sourcing programs and Logistics Network improvements. Leading Efficio’s Logistics SME Community, Chris is also part of the MENA office management team.


Chris joined Efficio in 2010. Prior to this, he graduated with a Bachelor of Honours in German and Business Studies from Warwick University. 


Typical clients are medium-large sized international companies with a supply chain footprint, across varying sectors ranging from Pharma, Distribution & Retail, to Manufacturing and Utilities.

Significant experience

  • Supply Chain Transformation and Total Operating Model Design – GCC Utilities provider (Water & Energy): Led and managed a supply chain transformation project, designing and implementing the future procurement target operating model (assessment, processes, org design, enablers), implementing best practice category management processes, building a spend cube across annual spend of over $1bn and conducting an opportunity assessment identifying significant cost reduction opportunities across categories and delivering those with the business through a training and upskilling programme.
  • Opportunity assessment and Strategic Sourcing – UK Courier: Led the opportunity assessment for a national courier service provider, experiencing significant growth due to COVID. Identified significant cost reduction opportunities across a number of core categories (Contractors, Temp labour, Fleet, Logistics, etc.) and supported successful delivery of the cost reduction programme.
  • Procurement Transformation and Strategic Sourcing – Global Automotive Repair business: Led and managed an Opportunity Assessment, Procurement Transformation, and Strategic sourcing programme across €800m of spend.  Double digit savings achieved across key categories of Fleet, IT and Technical items & Consumables.
  • Supply Chain outsourcing – UK retailer: Led a strategic sourcing project to outsource warehousing and transport services of several regional composite distribution centres and the national distribution centre in the UK. Also led Facilities Management categories as part of a £50m in-year savings goods for a resale sourcing programme.
  • Procurement transformation and Strategic Sourcing – Leading European Plastics Manufacture: Managed the opportunity assessment and a strategic sourcing project, addressing €75m of spend across a number of direct (PP, PET) and indirect categories (EU Transport & Packaging)

Other expertise

Chris has category expertise in transportation, freight, warehousing, couriers, fleet, packaging, plastics/resins and FM services.

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Chris loves to experience and work in different cultures – having had an international upbringing, education, and career has enabled him to become very adaptive to different environments. He loves to travel and explore new places as well as share his experiences with others.