Ashray Lavsi


Ashray Lavsi - Efficio Consulting

Career background 

I have over ten years’ experience consulting in supply chain, operations and procurement. Before joining Efficio’s London office in 2017, I worked at XPO Logistics in the US and Netherlands. 

I hold a Master’s degree in Industrial & Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and a Bachelors degree in Electronics & Communications Engineering from Nirma University, India.

Being from India, I am a native speaker of Gujarati and Hindi and fluent in English.

My role

I lead client engagements particularly across the automotive manufacturing, infrastructure and software industries to achieve high-quality deliverables.

In my role, I have direct engagement with project sponsors for alignment on deliverables as well as with stakeholders from other levels for delivery of the same. Having the deliverables aligned with the organisations’ and stakeholders’ roles enables me to help the stakeholders achieve their goals and boost their profiles.

I have extensive experience within all areas of supply chain and procurement, with a primary focus on Supply Chain Strategy and Procurement Target Operating Model design and deployment. A couple of selected examples of the work include:

  • Target Operating Model – Rail infrastructure manager, UK: Led multi-year change management and Target operating model programme to design and deploy a new organisational structure and complementary new Procurement Policy, with processes in a highly regulated, political and unionised environment across 1000+ practitioners. The hands-on programme included setting up assurance mechanisms & governance panels, union consultation for organisational changes, as well as training and providing focused guidance to practitioners on the new Procurement Policy and processes
  • Material management – Supply Chain, Train manufacturer, UK: Led team and deployed infrastructure to improve inventory/material flow management. Key initiatives included: deployment of a cloud-based material management tool with automated KPIs & shortage root cause generation, SAP data accuracy improvement and 11-box analysis of inventory with subsequent actions for optimisation

Additionally, I also co-lead the Supply Chain SME community within Efficio. I provide guidance to projects on Supply chain-related matters as well as help conduct client interviews and workshops to strive for a consistent, high-quality output.

What I like about Efficio

The People. It is rare to find such a great mix of smart and sociable people in such numbers. I have yet to work on a project where I did not like working with a single team member. Efficio offers an ideal environment to grow personally and professionally while having fun working with great people.

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My wife and I love to travel and try the local vegetarian delicacies. While on the road, I always have a good book close-by. As a recent homeowner, I spend a lot of my time doing our place up and debating furniture placements.