Calibrating category management to a service company

| Nimb Hotel, Copenhagen

CPO Club, 6 p.m. - 10 p.m.

Speaker: Morten Hedegaard, Head of Group Procurement at Nordea

6.00pm Drinks and networking
6.45pm Dinner and discussion

Nordea Bank's journey

The value of category management is well-established, but there are also pitfalls and limitations. Securing and ensuring collaboration throughout the business often proves to be challenging, and procurement needs to adapt to business demands to stay relevant. Nordea Bank’s, Morten Hedegaard will open the evening’s discussion by sharing the successes and challenges he faced on implementing the traditional category management approach we know from production companies in a service company. He will discuss learnings and the way ahead, and maybe there could even be something production companies can learn from service companies.


About the speaker

Nordea is the largest financail services group in the Nordic region and one of the biggest banks in Europe. As Head of Group Procurement in Nordea, Morten is responsible for the global source to pay process, with the main priorities to improve the C/I ratio of the Group, to secure compliance and management of supplier risk, and to secure an efficient value chain. Morten has been in Nordea for 10 years in different project/programme and leader roles, and stepped in as Head of Group Procurement 1½ years ago now leading a team of 130 procurement professionals. Before joining Nordea, Morten worked in management consulting. 



The venue

The event will take place at Nimb, one of Copenhagen's most renowned hotels which combines a world of gastronomic excellence and a century of inspiring history. Celebrated for its gastronomic excellence for more than a century, the House of Nimb in Tivoli Gardens is one of Copenhagen’s most illustrious establishments.

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