Life at Efficio: Parenting as a Principal

Jennifer Karger, Principal and mother to a 15-month-old daughter, shares her experience of pregnancy and parenthood whilst working at Efficio.

“Having read about many negative experiences on having children mid-career in other workplaces, I wanted to share my own very positive experience here at Efficio in order to give other to-be-parents reassurance!

“I was a Principal when I became pregnant. I was looking forward to being a mother, but I confess I was also initially a bit worried about balancing my work with pregnancy and parenthood – but I was very quickly pleasantly surprised by how much easier Efficio made the process for me.

“When I first shared my pregnancy with the company, I was provided with additional resources to make sure my workload fit around the changes to my lifestyle. 

"Once my daughter was born, I realised that I wanted to take more time off than I had initially expected. Although I shared this with the team at Efficio at relatively short notice, they welcomed my decision unquestioningly and reassured me that I could 'come back when it suits you'. This let me enjoy my time with my baby daughter free of stress. That said, I liked that I was always invited to company events throughout my time away from the office, and I welcomed the opportunities to share my expertise with my colleagues. I felt that, whilst being given the space to focus on spending time with my growing family, I was also always treated as a vital part of the company.

“Since it was difficult for me to foresee how childcare would pan out, my return to Efficio was set up for maximum flexibility and includes a regular review of my workload.

“I hope sharing my experience gives to-be-parents at Efficio confidence when having their own children. Special thanks to my colleagues who were particularly supportive during this time: Ffion, Mella, Peter, Tim, and Christo!”

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