About eFlow

Built and deployed by practitioners, eFlow is a proprietary procurement technology platform designed to support savings delivery, improve supplier partnerships, drive innovation and manage risk.

Combining this comprehensive procurement technology solution with the in-depth knowledge, category expertise and vast content pool amassed by our consultants over many years of working with clients, enables us to offer you the best possible solution.

eFlow offers a number of benefits when used in conjunction with our consultants including the ability to deliver savings faster across a larger addressable cost pool, improved levels of supplier compliance, and measurable and sustainable savings. 

Through our consultants you can also draw on the skills of our 50-strong team of digital experts to maximize the benefit driven from data and drive client value, allowing you to deliver tangible benefits and project ROI.

eFlow Spend Analytics enabled us for the first time to obtain detailed visibility of Fujitsu's global procurement spend. Until then this has been a significant challenge due to our organizational complexity and the large number of ERP systems we operate.

Mikko Kivisto, General Manager, Country Procurement, Fujitsu

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Challenges faced by our clients (mouse-over the panel for our solution)


Our clients struggle to realize the full savings identified during the sourcing phase due to the complexity involved in tracking and implementing compliance

Clients also have difficulty in understanding the performance of their suppliers and where attention should be focused

Our solution

Track and validate  invoiced prices and specifications against rates throughout the contract to present a real understanding of bottom-line savings

Provide supplier oriented dashboards for quick decision making, succinctly summarising big data in impactful ways


The complicated nature of the pricing models we support requires a significant amount of manual effort

To ensure the best outcome for a client, granular data must be captured, processed and analyzed which results in extraordinarily large data sets

Our solution

Create sophisticated technology to process the increasing amounts of data; improving the quality, accuracy and speed of the analytics produced

Provide the infrastructure to repeat the analytics process with little rework


Our consulting effort is difficult for clients to reproduce as it requires inheriting complex spreadsheet models, which often dissuades them from repeating the previous exercise

Our solution

Being able to use the same application to repeat a strategic sourcing process enables the ability to accelerate the process of re-sourcing the category

Especially relevant for categories with large commodity components or capacity changes


Clients often have their own unique way of capturing and categorising spend, which isolates them from comparing their data to the market and other competitors

There are few sources of reference to understand a benchmark of cost and productivity for spend items

Our solution

Store all data from OA to ongoing management providing a vast amount of information which can be classified for benchmarking and comparative purposes

The Efficio practitioner expertise is critical in interpreting raw data into valuable models